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The world is watching us.

I believe all Malaysians are aware of a main event which is coming really soon by now. This Sunday, eligible Malaysians will cast their votes in our country's 13th general election. But unfortunately, I'm still underage to vote. To be honest, I didn't really keep track of the political news in our country last time but this upcoming 13th general election has impacted me in a way I did not expect: the same goes my family.

Besides getting updates from the newspaper, everyone is discussing and spreading news all over online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. I've been reading political news every day in order to keep track of what has been happening in my beloved nation.

Every single vote can make a big difference because whichever party chosen will directly determine the colour of the coming days of our country. I love Malaysia, and I think things could get very much better  (if they already are, then more so) only if rightful leaders take the flag and lead the way in making positive transformations and revolutions. That vote isn't a joke: it marks the destiny of our homeland.

Everyone has their expectations for the country in the five years to come. As for me, I want a well-developed, prosperous, safe and peaceful Malaysia. The time has come again for us all to determine who shall be the chosen, yet rightful ones who will embark on this journey of bettering Malaysia in the eyes of the world. You, and 13 million other Malaysians will soon decide which path will Malaysia be taking in the next few years (unless you're underage like I am, you just gotta wait! :p)

The world is watching us. Please uphold your responsibility (if you're already eligible) to vote wisely this Sunday for a better Malaysia, a place where all of us would be proud to live in!