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VanityTrove-May Edition


Hola!! I've just received my VanityTrove's May beauty box yesterday. I have done a review of their April's beauty box last month so I think it's needless for me to introduce what VanityTrove is again! :P I always feel excited when it comes to "unboxing" beauty boxes because I don't know what kind of products will they include in the box every month, and VanityTrove always surprises me in the most unexpected ways every month!!

Besides using the word "unexpected" to describe VT, "Beautiful" is certainly another fantastic word for it.

Everything in the box is always nicely and carefully arranged!

Well, here are some brochures and information cards which might be useful for you if you wanna know more about the specific products.

Not to forget, VT always gives you complimentary vouchers to ease the burden of your beloved wallet LOL. This time, they are giving out RM25 HiShop voucher and a pass to redeem a theraphy in Mary Chia!

Yay!! Hello to all my new babies!

This time, I will introduce the products beginning from the one I like the most!

#1 I'm quite surprised to find this Avene's thermal spring water in the beauty box this month because I always wanted to get myself one. FYI, you can use it as often as you wish because it serves many purposes which include mainly soothing and comforting. Simply spray it on your face when you're outside, while braving the hot sun or you can even apply it over your sunburn regions. 


#2 Say goodbye to frizzy and flyaway hair! With this natural shine serum from Schwarzkopf, your hair will appear naturally shiny and smooth. Much to my surprise, it comes in a 50ml tube which actually costs about RM56! That's value for money! Apply the serum over your hair (after shower) before drying your hair to achieve an excellent degree of smoothness in your hair. Oh that's what I really want!


#3 Wonderful surprises all queued up to greet me! I feel so blessed!!! I'm holding a sample bottle of Organic Body Lotion with Fresh Goat's Milk from the Skinlab. The lotion smells super fragrant because it contains plant extracts and also rose oil which help to stimulate metabolism for optimal skin cell renewal. This tiny sample bottle is just small enough for me to carry it anywhere I want!

#4 Essential Oil (Lavender) from The Heaven On Earth. I'm quite impressed with this small bottle of essential oil because I never thought that it has so many benefits! It can actually be applied over your skin, or simply INHALED! Besides, it helps to promote sleep, balance your skin tone, reduce mental anxiety and even provides a relaxing and soothing inner calmness. *Start inhaling~~~~~~*

#5 Here's a neat treat for your body and skin. This Goat Milk Soap bar is creamy in texture and it casts a cleansing spell over sensitive skin. This soap bar is chemical-free and organic: totally skin-friendly!


What I like about this edition's beauty box is that all the featured products are vital for us in our everyday life and what's more, they sifted out the best selections of organic products for us this time! To be honest, this is the most wonderful beauty box among all the ones I've received!

Thank you VanityTrove. 

P.S// Mother's Day is near! How about surprising your mum and showing her some love with VanityTrove's beauty box?

For further information or subscription, you may visit VanityTrove's official website http://www.vanitytrove.com


  1. You are so pretty with your bangs and so so love your denim jacket!! Can i know where did you buy it?? :):)

  2. Liz: I bought it from H&M dear! :)