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Your music is an opus…a true work of art.


"Music is the strongest form of magic." - Marilyn Manson 

I guess that's true. Everyone in this world loves music and the thoughts of people who do not like to listen to music at all are completely unfathomable to me. I think those who have not been affected by music are missing out on such a great pleasure in life!


I am a big fan of Jay Chou!! (Haven't included the latest album in this pic!)

I appreciate Jay Chou's music a lot and I have been always listening to his songs since I was 12 years old. The everlasting power of his songs gives me the strength to move forward in life. I would say, his songs affect my mood and certainly they can change my mood.
Back in the time during my high-school moments, there are always ups and downs. There are always setbacks and obstacles to be hurdled in life. Whenever I feel down and despondent from facing the obstacles throughout my "journey of studying", Jay Chou's songs are always there for me. *Head phones up and keep calm* I have a extremely positive prejudice towards Jay Chou's songs because and ONLY because there's just something special about his songs; a gentle hand around my shoulder whenever I need company, and a little scoop of vanilla ice cream whenever I'm down.
Well, people come and go but music is always there for you. 

When my gloomy nights fall completely silent, Jay's music glows alongside the lonely moonlight. In the late nights I stayed up for revisions, it were Jay's songs which kept me awake and made me strenuous revising fun and enjoyable throughout the night.

For me, there is something primitively soothing about Jay Chou's sentimental songs. Trust me, you'll just never forget all his classic songs, not even a single word in the lyrics because the songs are like the memories which etched in your mind forever; no such thing as "erasing" them off. Besides the great lyrics by Fang Wen Shan, the melody of every song composed by Jay Chou is beautifully shaped. Fang Wen Shan and Jay Chou are just the best combo which can never be replaced.

Whenever I feel like giving up at some points of life, I listen to Jay's songs. Why?

Because some song lyrics I hear give me a tremendous load of inspiration and motivation to better myself whilst bracing the future. Of course, here are some inspirational songs if you wanna get inspired too! 蜗牛,梦想启动,稻香, 疗伤烧肉粽

Not only is Jay so capable in composing sentimental songs which touch your heart, he has also crafted the souls of numerous pop songs which inject the dancing fuel in you. The catchy tunes and jumpy beats will get you up on your feet, dancing all the way!! Nevertheless, there are lyrics he wrote which, in scrutiny, may inspire your mind one way or another.

Apart from that, one of the distinctive features about his music is - The Chinese Style music (中国风)Needless to mention, Jay Chou regularly fuses traditional Chinese musical instruments into his music, along with emotionally rich lyrics in the form of ancient Chinese poetry. I appreciate his hard work of contributing to the "Chinese pop songs industry", thus making Chinese songs more recognizable not only in Asia countries, but also Western countries as well. Jay Chou is the reason why I love Chinese songs more than English songs.

Jay Chou, your music is an opus, a true work of art. Thank you for the great songs and the awesome work which brighten up my life. And also, for bringing me the sweet little pleasures in between notes and melodies which made hours sitting before the radio worthwhile. Thank you again.

Yours faithfully,
A fan.

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