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A new hunting ground...

After visiting Dreamz Bakery, Melissa and I headed to Aurora Boutique to get some fashionable apparels! In Aurora Boutique, you can always find affordable yet beautiful garments which are definitely worth checking out~!  

Before I blog about our journey there, here are some information about Aurora Boutique:

Website: http://www.aurora-fashion.com/
Address: 31-2 & 33-2, 1st Floor, Jln PJU 5/11, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 P.J.
Business hour: Mon-Sat 12pm-9pm Sun/ P.Holiday 12pm-8pm

We spent about 2 hours to choose our desirable pieces and take photos! Melissa and I even did a mini "photoshoot" so that we can show you the pieces we chose and how we match them! :D

A wide selection of vintage bags. 

Ah! So in love with the design of this skater skirt! Definitely a must-get this season! :D 

Besides skater skirts, I love skater dresses too! This piece in white is absolutely gorgeous and immaculate.

There is a dazzling line-up of beautiful apparels there! 

Here are some pieces which I have shortlisted! :D 


An impeccable piece of dress, versatile enough to be worn at any occasions: whether it's a date, a simple family gathering, or a day out with your girls; just anywhere you go!

To pair with this striped skirt, I chose a white, short sleeved top in making of a simple yet elegant appearance.

Quite similar to the style above, only richer in colors.

It's easy to look like a Korean with this one-piece! :P

I personally love this outfit the most! Never look down at a high-waist skirt: not only it defines your sexy body curves, it also grants you an illusion of slimmer and longer legs.

#6 My own ViVi inspired outfit~ 
Sweater from H&M 
Skirt from The Vogue Cat 

Tell me which outfit you like the most! :B


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