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Creative Writing Workshop at IACT College

Hey guys! So....what comes into your mind when you come across the phrase "creative writing"? At the very first thought, I thought "creative writing" simply means writing creatively. OK I am lame I know~ Of course, creative writing isn't as simple as another two words adopted from an English dictionary.

Try to imagine: If I am to show you a photo (the one below), and your job is to write an essay on it. How far can your elaboration stretch?


Before we even pick our pen up and start "writing creatively", we are supposed to already have in mind a picture which tells a story of the sunset . If you are to see things as they are (a scenery is a scenery, so what am I supposed to write about it?), then clearly you aren't anywhere near to achieving "creative writing". Speaking of creativity, we should very much see beyond the pictures that meet our eyes everyday. What do I mean by "seeing beyond" pictures that our eyes welcome to our minds?

Back to the sunset scenery. If you are to show the photo (the one above) to the all-time famous poet - William Shakespeare, how confident are you that he is not going to write anything more than "It is a beautiful scenery."? I strongly believe that the ability of "creative writing" can make our lives really beautiful. As we would also "think" creatively before we are able to "write" creatively, we eventually learn to see the beauty in every step taken in life.

One amazing fact: I was invited to a Creative Writing Workshop at IACT College a few days ago! Frankly speaking, I was really looking forward to this workshop because I have always wanted to learn writing in a creative and interesting way!

Director of IACT College delivering a short speech in introduction of the college.

Then we have Mr.Nicholas Lee to conduct the creative writing workshop! We were asked to think of a word which describes ourselves, and an object which represents us; then some of us were called to stand up and present ourselves (I was one of them!)

And guess which word I use to describe myself?

Of all the words...I chose 'CUTE' to describe myself. MEH. 

But I really think I am cute..well, not in terms of my look but my personality perhaps? I am not as cool as you may think. If you get to know me in person, I can sometimes be really crazy and silly! Another reason why I considered myself cute is because of my height. I am petite so...that makes me "cute"? *awkward*

I couldn't really think of an object which can represent me but I chose "radio" because I can go non-stop in making noise like how the radio broadcasts songs and news lol. 

Mr.Nicholas showed us five lines using the technique of creative writing. I wish I could write like this!

Mr.Nicholas leaded us to think out of the box and let our imaginations run wild.

After that, we were separated into groups to start writing!! Mr.Nicholas wanted us to write "Five lines" about our life, creatively. Most of us had a hard time composing the five lines!

Another activity we carried out was "You write, I draw"

We carried this activity in a group of 2. One of us had to write a story and the other one had to draw a scene based on the story! From this activity, I get to know how important the technique of creative writing is because how we write can affect our readers.

Well~This is actually my 'masterpiece' I DUNNO HOW TO DRAW.

A story generally starts with a typical plot like this! But authors can make their own choices on which part they wanna emphasize on.


After that, we had the opportunity to visit the campus~ Finally, some time to stroll about and I was anticipating to visit their broadcasting studio!!

With babe Lumi! 

Here am I in their broadcasting studio!!

The greenlight studio is designed for broadcasting students to do their video productions and indoor photoshoots!

(From the left) Lumi, me, Joanne, BaoEr and Melissa!

Of course, we seized the opportunity to take photos!! Family portrait ♥

Students' excellent artworks were portrayed on the wall.


These cool equipments were prepared for students to get their hands on and experience audio recording!

HELLO HELLO~You are now listening to Jessica.fm~!

Then we proceeded to the library!

A very clean and quiet environment for students to study in.

For students who don't prefer sitting on the chairs, feel free to slump on beanbags! :P



The books are all tidily arranged according to the genres!


Laptops are also provided for students' browsing or research purposes.


Got our goodies bag from IACT College!! Thank you!

There will be more upcoming workshops such as Audio Recording, Photography, Digital Design, Marketing and Videography at IACT College! Join the workshops to have a taste of your aspired careers!

For more information about IACT College, please log on to www.iact.edu.my or search them on Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Pinterest/Instagram @IACTCollege :D