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Get your HairGroomed.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world. Holes of my life are filled with lots of awesome people; my parents who try their very best to fulfill every of my wish, my family members who bear with my bad temper, my Teddy who supports and comforts me every single time when I am depressed, cheers me up all the time; my lovely friends who treat me so nice and give me advices, my awesome blog readers who give me compliments which will certainly make my day and last but not least, my generous sponsors! I've got so many sponsored products since the very beginning of the year and it's my pleasure to work with every single one of them. I'm nothing but a blessed kid.

*Forgive me for the long introduction of this blog entry, getting into the main topic now hahahah* 

You would probably know already that I just got myself a haircut and new highlights if you have been stalking my Twitter. If you haven't followed my Twitter, *shows angry face and Y U NO FOLLOW ME*, follow me now as I tweet quite often hahahah!

Anyway, I had a pleasurable experience in HairGroom yesterday! Just in case you didn't know, HairGroom was a salon established in 2009 and has expanded widely from a team of 6 members to a big team of more than 70 members this ticking second. Little do you know, HairGroom actually boasts a total strength of 8 branches: 7 of them are located in K.L while one is located in Malacca! Here you are, the link to know more about HairGroom!! You're welcome. ;P

I met up with HairGroom's managing director, Black Lee at the Maju Junction Mall branch. He is truly an affable person! It was my first visit, and I requested to have a simple haircut, change my highlights and also have a scalp treatment. One laudable practice which I discovered among the hairstylists is that they behave very friendly and kindly to the customers! The warm smiles on their faces just never seem to wear off!

Before a makeover for my hair..

Bye to my ugly yellow highlights!

Here comes the bleaching process which took as long as 2 hours.The yellow color was still apparent even after 4 times of bleaching! /.\ Maybe it is reluctant to leave my hair lol .

After bleaching, my hair was supposed to be white but oh well, yellow loves me.


Yes, my all-time favorite - PINK!! 

Holy I can't believe I am having pink highlights now. I was damn eager to see the outcome when I was stranded helplessly on the Princess' Throne lol!

I know, the pink is soooooo pinkish loll!!

Hair treatment is a must after bleaching and coloring! I was given a scalp treatment which improves my scalp's health and keeps my hair clean and healthy. Besides, my loooong hair underwent a normal hair treatment too!

Beautiful outcome and I love it so much!

My hair is now free from abhorrent tangles after the hair treatment! :D 

Black had to leave early so I quickly took a photo with him before he left!
 (My hair was still not done yet at that point of time!)

This is Chilley~ Yeah just call her hot chilly it's fine HAHAHAHA
Anyway, Chilley cut a few inches of my hair and trimmed my bangs as well! No more annoying bangs to poke at my eyes for the moment, yay! :P

Last but not least, my #ootd and say hi to my neon pink highlights!! 
Details of my #ootd: 
Striped top from Topshop 
Oversized denim vest from Topshop 
Joni Jeans from Topshop 
Boots from Dr.Martens 
The most convenience-rendering bag ever from Le Beauty Boutique 

Many thanks to HairGroom again for the awesome and professional service! Thanks for fulfilling my wish of having a "candy floss" colored hair HAHA! ♥♥♥ I'm gonna visit HairGroom again next week for another hair treatment, hope to see you there! :B


  1. Hi girl, just wondering if you know how much does the highlight cost? your highlight is pretty!

  2. Hi Steph! I can't tell you the exact price because it depends on the length of your hair! Maybe it's better for you to contact them through email! :)
    And thank you for the compliment hehe! <3