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Laneige "K-Style" Beauty Workshop


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I've been in love with Laneige ever since I started using one of their bestseller products - Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. I can't aptly describe how magical the product is until you get to try it out yourself! I discover that Laneige actually focuses on "Hydration" in valiant effort to introduce how important hydration is to our skin! Thus, you can actually find that all their products are brilliantly invented in application of their Water Science technology and all the products generally serve the purpose of hydrating our skin. I utterly see eye to eye with Laneige that hydration is the key to achieving a dewy and crystal-clear skin. Well, great minds think alike I suppose!*HAHA*

It was my honor and pleasure to be invited as one of the lucky 10 winners (among 100+ contestants!!!) to attend a beauty makeup workshop organized by Laneige Malaysia and Nuffnang 2 days ago. I just couldn't put my excitement in alphabets when I found out that I was one of the winners! *Yay punches the air!*

The workshop was held in Amore Pacific which is located in Mid Valley. I was so afraid that I might run late for the event but luckily the event still hasn't started yet when I reached! Feeling both excited and nervous at the same time, I greeted the friendly staffs and took a seat beside Iiwen. Iiwen and I sorta knew each other from....Instagram? She looks much sweeter in real life!

Woohoo! So excited while waiting for the beauty workshop to begin!

They even prepared delectable pastries for us from Starbucks! How sweet! 

Feel free to check out their latest White Plus Renew skincare product range!

Their special cleansing series is really wonderful!

Besides skincare products, Laneige's makeup products are highly-reputable too!

We were greeted by all these fabulous new makeup products, being arranged in an organized way on our table upon arrival! I feel like grabbing all of them home!

They also prepared essential makeup brushes for us!

The "best" part of this workshop is, every participant is required to REMOVE OUR MAKEUP before the event starts. Of course we were provided with girls' nemesis - the cleansing oil to remove all our makeup! I swear everyone was stunned when they heard this hahaha!! I looked at all of their expressions, most of them were like this:

Mummmmyyyyy, I'm so reluctant to do so!! 

Here you are! My face after makeup removal. No more concealer on my face so say HELLO TO MY HORRIBLE DARK CIRCLES!

Actually I'm quite fine with this makeup removal idea because I'm not into applying heavy makeup! Somehow, I think everyone still looks pretty good even after makeup removal!!!

After that, a short makeup tutorial was played for us to witness the power of the makeup artist.

This beauty workshop is hosted by the famous makeup artist - Geraldine Loy. I felt super lucky having to spend my entire evening with her!!!

Makeup model looking so good even without makeup. *jealous hahahaha* 

After cleansing, Geraldine taught us a few steps of skincare regime: thorough, inside out. 

Geraldine even taught us how to hold the cotton pad correctly so that we can apply the right pressure onto our face! 

I was so surprised by the various benefits of Laneige's Essence! Many of us thought essence is not necessary for teenagers but guess what, we all need essence to keep our skin hydrated all the time!

Then, we were given this Laneige's protection cream which can protect our skin from harmful UV rays, not forgetting to mention, this protection cream gives us ample moisture and can also be used as makeup base too!

Laneige has created several primer bases in differently toned colors. The one I'm holding in the picture is for people who wish for a pinkish, rosy skin! I chose this! :B

This is a primer that evens out the surface of our skin and controls sebum to create a matte finish that blocks radiance.

After all the steps above, here comes the most anticipated moment: The natural look after applying Laneige's Snow BB Cushion!! 

The Laneige Snow BB cushion provides 5 major enhancements! It doesn't only provide a natural coverage to our face but it also gives whitening, sunscreen and sweat-proof purpose! Geraldine told us that it could be used as our concealer too omggggg. How can one single product has so many awesome functions!!

I'm totally IN LOVE with this Laneige Snow BB Cushion! It provides a refreshing and cooling sensation when I dabbed it on my face. Besides, a cutie softie puff is also included in it! How convenient!!

(for the 280937420th time), "I CAN JUST GO OUT LIKE THIS!" Laneige's Snow BB Cushion just saves my dayyyyy!


To make our makeup last longer, we can exploit the Laneige's Water Supreme Finishing Pact!

Dab the powder evenly on your T-zone, cheeks and chin! :D

The next step after having a flawless makeup base is to draw our eyebrows.

Well, everyone knows how hard it is to find the perfect eyebrows for us! It just requires lots of practices at home! During this workshop, Geraldine has taught us how to draw straight and perfect eyebrows like the Koreans! 

Ok I'm too noob to handle that eyebrow thing lolol!

This pretty makeup assistant is so helpful that she drew my eyebrows for me!


Selca while waiting the rest of the girls to draw their eyebrows~ 

I love how Laneige's BB cushion makes my face look so flawless~~*flatters*

 Alright! The next thing Geraldine taught us is how to draw a Korean inspired eyeliner. 

She taught us to draw a thin eyeliner first to create a sweet look. I have never drawn eyeliner by myself before loll so it's quite hard for me to start as a beginner! (What's more, I don't have double eyelids!)

Woohoo, the workshop is getting fun when Geraldine began to teach us how to play with the beautiful colors in the palette!! I love the shimmery gold color which makes my eyes sparkle! First, dab some pinkish pearl color as an eyeshadow base, then top it with the shimmery gold color! Lastly, fill in the line across your eyelid with the dark brown color to enlarge your eyes!

Want a pair of dazzling and attractive eyes? Well, apply coats of mascara then! The best part of this volume setting mascara is its long-lasting, water resistance and sweat-proof effects! :D
 Anyway, Geraldine said that the most natural way to apply the mascara is by using the "zig-zag" method. Put the wand on the root of the lashes. Zig-zag the wand back and forth for three or four times on both eyes. Apply 2nd coat if you want your eyes look bigger! ;)

Now be patient girls, we're almost done! I wanna buy this blusher so bad omggg! I love their shades from light pink to dark pink! And the colors are so rosy and sweet!!!!!! *I'm a huge fan of pink* And I swear, pink blushers make girls look 100000 times sweeter!


Last but not least, make your lips appear kissable with this Pure Glossy Lipstick from Laneige!
Outline your lips with this before filling in the colors! There are a variety of colors you can choose from this Pure Glossy Lipstick series too! Be daring and play with the colors!



So this is my final look!! Did I achieve the K-style? :P

Brand Manager from Laneige thanked us for joining this workshop and explained some criteria to become the grand winner in the K-style competition! Guess what? The grand winner will walk away with RM4000 cash prize and a one-year-contract as Laneige's online ambassador. *Can I win it?*


Thank you Geraldine for spending your precious time with us!! Thank you for sharing so many makeup tips with us. No doubt, Geraldine has made everyone feel more confident than usual throughout the workshop!

A pic with the pretty model!


With pretty partner Iiwen haha! 

  With the cute makeup artist who offered to help me during the workshop! Kamsahamida! 



Happy girls with their goodies bag from Laneige!


Thank you Laneige Malaysia for the awesome products!!

In short, I really enjoyed the beauty workshop very much. It's also my pleasure to meet Geraldine in person, and all the kind and beautiful Laneige staffs too! Thank you for the guidance and teaching, especially to a 'eyeliner and eyeshadow' beginner here hahahah! I'm also glad to know all the participants there who shared our common passion and love to Laneige products. Once again, thank you Laneige and Nuffnang for the wonderful learning opportunity!

Well, it's time to apply what I have learned during the workshop into practice now~So I have tried 2 different makeups; The smooth skin natural look and The night look. Hope ya'll will like it! :D

The bared face. Not even moisturizer or day cream!

Some skincare products I applied before makeup: 
1) Laneige White Plus Review Skin Purifier 
2) Laneige White Plus Review Emulsion 
3) Laneige White Plus Review Essence

CIMG0022 (2)
These are some products I used to get a smooth and natural makeup: 
1) Laneige Snow BB Cushion as my makeup base and concealer
2) Laneige Water Supreme Finishing Pact
3) Laneige Volume Setting Mascara

Ladies and gentlemen, let me now present you THE SMOOTH SKIN NATURAL LOOK:


This look is meant to be natural, young and fresh!

Here comes the NIGHT AND SEXY LOOK



Heavy makeup with dark-toned eyeshadow and eyeliner!

I personally seldom apply heavy makeup so this is quite a big challenge for me! I'm not being paid to say this but honestly, Laneige's products definitely worth the money because the products are really effective in improving your skin texture. Now I know the secret of the beautiful Korean stars. How about you? ;)

Don't forget to tell me which look you like more! :D


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  2. you look so stunning!! :D love it!!♥

  3. Wow! You look great in both natural and night look! =D

  4. YOU INSPIRED ME A LOT *w* I posted one of your selca w/ the eye-pen. so gorgeous !