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Lunch Promotion at Michelangelo's

If you are looking forward for Italian fine dining very much, then this blog entry is for you!! A few days ago, mummy and I went to Michelangelo's, Pavilion for a lunch date. We found their Lunch Promotion quite attractive and interesting! See it to believe it! :B

Michelangelo's offers a delightful menu with a wide range of scrumptious Italian dishes. All the dishes look so tempting, I was helplessly driven into the what-should-I-eat dilemma! I almost drooled (literally!!) over the food illustrations the moment I flipped to the first page of the menu - Appetizers. Michelangelo's serves a myriad of appetizers which practically makes you feel like a ravenous wolf. Caesar salad, fresh oysters baked with cheese, escargots stuffed with butter, fresh salmon slices, slipper oysters, etc...

By just glancing at the names of the dishes, I already feel like writing down all of them in the order chit! Not forgetting to mention, their main courses are helluva awesome. Various kinds main dishes are at the mercy of your belly: pizzas, pastas, spaghetti, chops and steaks and even girls' favourite - DESSERTS.

We ordered the lunch promo with a Seafood Aglio Olio as our main course. We were in week 1 during our visit, so we ordered the chicken pie which also comes with mushroom soup, iced lemon tea and Creme Catalana!! :B

 photo CIMG0418.jpg

 photo df75a177-ca35-4ec8-a093-4db717aec9a9.jpg

First comes the mushroom soup! Super good-looking and tastes super good too! The cream of the wild mushrooms were cooked to perfection with a light touch of truffle oil. 

 photo 3e95ba9f-3093-4ad7-b9f9-92975de76b42.jpg
Hoho this one certainly looks more savory! Seafood Aglio Olio (RM37.90) - A perfect dish for the tummy.

 photo 9b47da96-eceb-411b-b09b-6c4ed9ae2d8d.jpg
Chicken Pie; The crust is not really crispy but the creamy mushrooms and chicken chunks underneath were very pleasing to our tongues!

 photo 991acf15-d965-49aa-b249-8ba90f8b0437.jpg
Not too creamy. Not too salty. Just perfect!!!

  photo 24ca7f75-25d7-43f0-8415-c2aa0da6be67.jpg
For a happily-ever-after, we have our dessert, the "Creme Catalana" - sweetness in a little cup!!

In a tiny nutshell, we enjoyed our meal really much at Michelangelo's! I strongly recommend you to bring your loved ones over for the taste of an unforgettable Italian fine dining experience.
 photo 95032d16-a280-462c-93dd-2c6428240832.jpg 
OOTD details:
Inner top from H&M
Baroque print shirt and clutch from www.tuesdaycouture.com
Shorts from Topshop
Boots from Dr.Martens 

Thank you for reading this! Ta-ta! ;)

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