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A compilation of my daily outfits

Hello bunnies! How's your day? Mine was pretty relaxing haha!

Anyway, if you have been following my Twitter updates, I've mentioned that I was selected as one of the top 20 finalists for Asia Muse Search. FYI, Asia Muse Search is a competition organized by Mina and ViVi Magazine in search for potential magazine models. As you already know, I'm a big fan of ViVi magazine and being a model has always been one of my ambitions. I am serious! That's why I've decided to take on the challenge of presenting myself at the audition which was held in Mid Valley a few weeks ago!

A few days after audition, a little bird from ViVi called me up and I was told that I was shortlisted! At that point of time, I couldn't put my excitement into apt words! I nearly went delirious and I felt as if one of my biggest wishes has been fulfilled. (Well, not really, yet!)

So I had my very first photoshoot with the ViVi team yesterday. I woke up pretty early in the morning and headed out as early as 7.30am in order to avoid the traffic jam. (We were required to reach Vivi's office at 8.30am) Of course, before the shooting, we spent some time to get our hair set and makeup done. The entire process was pretty time-consuming (and tiring) but we really have to thank the hairstylists and makeup artists for their hard work!

Dayuuuum, that's me.

I am sorry if that picture up there freaked you out. 

I felt quite uncomfortable and uneasy with makeup that heavy all over my face. It doesn't take a frequent reader of my blog to actually know that I'm not a person who fancies heavy makeup. I usually don't even apply eyeliner nor eye-shadow when I go out! But for the sake of the photoshoot, of course I had no choice but to bear with it la haha!! Joanne and Melissa said I looked like a kawaii doll. For me, I think I looked kinda scary hahaha! 

So we had our profile photoshoot in the office and then we moved to another location for the remaining photos needed to be taken. We dressed up in different outfits prepared by the ViVi team. Due to some copyright issues, I'm forbidden to reveal any of the outfit photos yet sooooooo please buy ViVi Magazine (Malaysia edition, August issue) to feast your eyes with the pictures!! I can't imagine how I would look like hahahahaha. Hopefully, the outcome will be much better than what I expect it to be! :D 

Now, let me share some outfits I wore throughout this week! You might have already seen the photos in Instagram if you followed me. :P

#1 This isn't my usual style but well I wanted to try something new!

Oversized tee from Adidas (Jeremy Scott) // Tights from Topshop // Shoes from Converse // Bag from Le Beauty Boutique

#2 Casual outfit to Bangsar with family for breakfast (I drove my family there that morning!!! So proud of myself hahahaha)





Denim Jacket from Topshop // Tank top from H&M // High-waist shorts from Topshop // Shoes from Converse

#3 Black and White. It isn't my first time dressing up in monotone but I'm still loving it. :P

NY Oversized tee from The Vogue Cat // Jeggings from Nineteen89 Boutique 

Hope you enjoyed your minutes spent here! Bye loves! xx

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