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Asia Muse Search TOP 20 Finalists

Halo bunnies!

Can anyone still remember my blog entry about the Asia Muse Search? Just in case you have forgotten, I actually joined the Asia Muse Search with Joanne and Melissa a few months ago. And luckily, three of us got into TOP 20!

Well, they are now having a voting session in their facebook page (Both Mina and ViVi) and of course, I NEED YOU TO VOTE FOR ME! You know, I'm doing anything I can to rally for votes just so that I'll have myself no regret after this competition.

 Ok so this is the outcome. ._. 

To be honest, I'm not really satisfied with the outcome. I don't know, maybe I'm not used to the heavy makeup. (I actually asked if I can give the "heavy makeup a pass", but was told that it isn't possible) :( My friends told me that I looked like a doll. Well, yes, I did look like a Chinese ghost doll HAHAHAHA. SCARY ISN'T IT!!  During the photoshoot, I wanted the photographer to take photo of my side face but they rejected to do so. T_T To be honest, I actually think that I look better in angled shots (rather than the camera directly in front of me). I had no choice but to look straight at the camera, trying my very best to make the best out of a shot with the camera positioned right in front of me... I wonder how can Lena Fujii look so effortlessly beautiful in just any angle. I'm super jealous of her hahaha!!!

Anyway, regardless how much of a stranger I may look to you, please show your support for me by liking their page and more importantly, this picture!! 

Lastly, I hope you guys are able to comprehend... I know, I don't look really good in heavy makeup (which unnecessarily means that I think I look good without, too) and I believe some of you might agree with me. But I would appreciate that all readers out there will not shelling me (as well as other contestants) with negative comments, probably telling me how awful I (or some of us) looked in heavy makeup, or something like that. I really hope that everyone sees the shoes that the contestants and I are in: this contest we decided to join requires all models to accept heavy makeup. And of course, some of the contestants would not like heavy makeup as well as I do but what choice do we have anyway? I believe that the makeup artist tried her best already. So let's not say anything to hurt anyone's feelings okay? :D

It's your freedom to give your own opinion, but your words with politeness and maturity are most appreciated :) 

Ok la! You may go vote for me now HAHA!

Click HERE to vote!

A big "thank you" to you in advance!!  

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