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Food. Outfit. Blogshop.

Hi bunnies! I was on the brink of slipping into a post-lunch nap but the idea of blogging slips into my mind all of a sudden. So, I'm here to update my blog about some photos I've taken yesterday. Just to show you how I spent my day lol.

Being self-obsessed all the time hahahah!! 

We went to The Gardens yesterday and I treated them for a lunch at Yuzu~!
My Buttery Chicken with Garlic Rice Set! The meats are very juicy and tender and I was pretty full after gobbling up the whole set!

My brother and his Salmon Sushi set. I don't think it's reasonable because there were just a few small slices of salmon..

My pretty mum with her Spicy Mini Salmon Nabe set~!

Caught in action...*eh-hem*

Last but not least, my super girlish outfit of the dayyyy!
Top from Chill n Chic 
Denim skater skirt from Topshop 

Anyway, I'm gonna share an online blog shop with you! I guess most of you have already seen the name of it in my Instagram as I mentioned it quite often these days. Yup, good things are meant to be shared! :P 

So, I came across this online blog shop named  Chill'n Chic recently. I love everything in the blog shop..if only the owner can sponsor me all the clothes in their blog shop lolol. *greedy face* Anyway, I love it because the owner handpicks each and every single piece of the apparel and make sure the clothes they sell are all in premium quality. I've got myself 3 pieces of items from their shop last week and surprisingly, all of them suit me very well! Not forgetting to mention, all the apparels I received are in top-notch quality!!

Hmm...I guess that's all for the time being. I feel like dozing off now already lololol.

Don't forget to shop for beautiful clothes in Chill n Chic at affordable prices! :P

Bye~ *floating to the land of nod*

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