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Hair and Scalp Treatment at HairGroom

Hello!! I am sorry that my blog was quite unstable for the past few days! The reason behind it is because I've changed my domain host so it required some time for my domain to be fully propagated. I suppose there should be no problem in viewing my blog now right? If the problem persists, please inform me! ;)

Anyway, I went to HairGroom yesterday for a hair treatment and color touch-up. My hair is long and it certainly needs extra care, not to mention my colored highlights too! A hair treatment is essential to keep your hair healthy, especially when your hair is permed or colored.

If you didn't already know, HairGroom actually did the pink highlights for me and I still love them as much as the first day they were dyed! I still wanna keep them with me so I requested for a color touch-up because the color has slightly faded into white lol. I don't wanna be a white-haired witch. :P

Alright so after the touch-up, here comes the hair treatment.

This time, they offered me two different types of hair treatments, namely their basic Hair Treatment and the Montouch 3 Steps Scalp Treatment. 

Hair treatment may sound normal for you but how about the Montouch 3 Steps Scalp Treatment?

So basically, they did the normal hair treatment for me first, then followed by the special scalp treatment which provides 3 functions: Refreshing, detoxifying and nourishing my scalp.  

Step 1 
A unique cream was applied on the scalps to energize them. The cream instantly stimulated the scalps and gave them a cooling cum relaxing sensation!

Step 2 
A device (as shown in the pictures below) was used to detoxify and clear off the dandruff from my hair. It wasn't painful at all but you can feel a tickling sensation on your head. The laser light stimulates cell metabolism and helps repairing damaged cells! 



Step 3
After the laser light treatment, it is said that our hair will absorb the nutrients at a higher rate! So, my hairstylist applied a special kind of moisturizer on my hair so that not only will they grow healthier, but at the same time, they will appear shinier too! :D I can instantly witness the wonderful results after this hair treatment!

Of course, it's time to show you the results!! Seeing is believing! ;)




In short, I love my silky and smooth hair so much! All thanks to HairGroom for the awesome hair service!

Okay, now it's time to show you some of my photos about my outfit of the day!

Good bye monotone! Welcoming this season with bright colors!

Polka dots and stripes are trending now so the idea of combining them together came to me! Don't you think the color-match of the apparels are lovely too? :P

Always remember, tucking in your shirt will create an illusion of longer legs! :D

Details of my outfit: 
Top from Topshop
High-waist short from Topshop
Neon-colored socks from H&M
Sneaker wedges from Bunnykisses_ 
Bag from LeBeautyBoutique

Alright, I guess that's all for this post! Thanks for reading bunnies! xx

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