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JULY'S FAV: Pinafore from Twenty3

Hi bunnies! xx

Guess what? The pinafore playsuits are back!

First question: Do you think that they are cuteeeeeeee?

I do!!! I always think that pinafores are so preppy, cute and easy to be matched. You will definitely look cute and sprightly natural wearing a basic tee underneath without the need of any additional accessories!

Honestly, I've been eyeing on Topshop's collection on pinafore playsuits but I think it is slightly overpriced. *Forget about it*

I was kinda depressed over the fact that it costs way beyond my budget because I loveeee pinafores so much and I wanna own at least one of them so badly. When I stumbled upon the affordable yet adorable pinafore collection from TWENTY3  , it's definitely a head-up!!!

Come, let us take a gander at Twenty3's collection! 

To be frank, I love all the designs. My eyes sparkled with excitement as soon as my vision landed upon each and every one of them! Ahhh, houndstooth prints are damn striking, checkered prints are so vintage, flying hearts are so cuteeeee! I really had a hard time choosing my favorite piece from their extensive collection because I REALLY FELT LIKE GRABBING ALL OF THEM HOME! LOLOL. Okay okay..happiness lies in contentment. Alright I hear you haha!

After days of dither, I've finally made a decision LOL!

The Flying Hearts and the striking Houndstooth prints!!! However, I will only be showing you the "flying hearts" in this post first and I shall post the houndstooth prints another time ok? Make sure you come back and visit! :P






I am going to tell you the same thing again. PINAFORES ARE FREAKING CUTE!!!!

Get the ultimate fashion fix now, only at TWENTY3!!  

Good news for my blog readers who are interested in getting a collection of pinafores! Remember to key in this special coupon code "JESSICAPINAFORE10" upon checkout to get RM10 off your bill! :) 

*This voucher can only be used to purchase pinafores under pinafore category. http://www.twenty3.my/product-category/pinafore/

It can only be used individually. It cannot be used on any other items. Expires at 31st of July.
Looking forward to seeing you in your fashionable pinafore from Twenty3!   xx

Website: www.twenty3.my
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/twenty3.paris


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