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Majestical High-tea at Majestic Hotel

It isn't a difficult task for the food explorer, Melissa to constantly come up with suggestions on where to eat at. Two weeks ago, I had a discussion with Melissa and Lumi on the ideal spot for a great time together whilst enjoying high-tea. Melissa was the one who did the most research and she shortlisted a few of the grand hotels which offer high-tea. Being shilly-shally, we couldn't really come to a decision! So, Lumi wrote the names of the hotels on some small papers and took a random pick. While she was halfway passing the decision for fate to make, my intuition told me that we would be going to Majestic Hotel. And guess what? My intuition was right!! Maybe I could be a fortune teller in the future hahahaha!!

So that's the story of how we made our decision.

"Welcome to The Majestic Hotel. Are you coming for afternoon-tea?"

We were greeted and ushered by polite and friendly waiters on the very moment we stepped into the hotel. The warm smiles on their faces just never seem to fade! It's definitely a no-wonder that The Majestic Hotel is  one of the most popular spot in town for English-styled afternoon-tea.

I love the ambiance very much!! The place is literally majestic and I feel as if I'm invited to a tea party with the royal family lol! Besides, I love how the waiters are immaculately suited up in neat white suits which is a big plus point to the first impression of the Majestic Hotel!



Her royal highness, Princess Melissa. :P 


"The Colonial Café in The Majestic Hotel recreates the atmosphere of the halcyon days of the planters of Malaya and offers authentic classical cuisine from the colonial era. Plush red leather chairs, crisply starched white tablecloths and timber paneling reinforce the colonial feel. Located in the Majestic Wing, it seats 120 both indoors as well as in outdoor covered courtyards."
-The Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur-

We ordered the English afternoon tea set for 3. The waiters actually didn't state the price of the tea set anywhere noticeable...but Melissa was like: "It shouldn't be too expensive la~~Just enjoy and have a taste of what is like to be xiu lai lai (in cantonese: ladies who lead a lavish lifestyle)" 

See. This is exactly how a rich woman behaves hahaha!!!

Patrons can choose whether to have your tea set served with tea or coffee. Note: Coffee is not refillable!

Btw, I don't think my outfit suits the ambiance. When I took a glance at the tea lounge around me, everyone around me dressed up like princesses. -_- My outfit is way too casual hahahaha!



Here comes the quintessential tea set (by my personal judgement, among which I have came across so far) which is the exact reason why we are here!

Buttery scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream. Scones with cream = Perfection!!

Some mini desserts for the ones with sweet-tooth! Personally enjoy eating the fruit tart the most! :B

Besides the traditional English pastries, little dimsums are also included in the tea set!


I actually find this combination of English and local delicacy quite appealing because we get to satisfy and delight our palate with a diversity of special tastes.

With Princess Melissa~


And Princess Lumi!

Three "xiu lai lais" of the day. Back to reality now! Gotta work hard for another "xiu lai lai" tea session lolll.

Afternoon tea at The Majestic Hotel is definitely a worthwhile experience! Even though the budget is a little high, it is highly recommended for everyone to have once-in-a-lifetime taste of the life as a member of the high-classed society haha!! 

I am so gonna bring mummy here to pamper her like a queen! If elegant English pastries and aromatic tea and coffee are your kind of thing, the Majestic Hotel is worth a shot! And do remember to visit there like a princess! :P 

Here are some full-body shots taken by Melissa! Thank youuuuu :*



My casual outfit which is apparently not suitable for the place...:x

Cropped top from Topshop / Joni Jeans from Topshop / Platforms from Agape Boutique 

The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur
5 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
Tel: (603) 2785 8000. Fax: (603) 2785 8080

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