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My dear readers..

Hi bunnies!!  Howdy?!!

How is your Sunday afternoon!! Having fun outside? Lazing at home? Like me? HAHAHA! Hopefully you're in the best of mood while reading this! :D Have a good day everyone!

 I've received another sponsored item a few days ago. I was lazing on the couch in the living room and suddenly...

 "Honk! Honk!" OMG THERE' A PARCEL FOR MEEEEE. Or is it just a letter for dad? As curious as ever, I hopped my way out to meet the Mr Mysterious in his uniform. Looking tired, he turned off the ignition and took a brief rest on his trusty bike, a parcel in his gloved hand. I don't know why, today I just seem to feel more appreciative than usual. I start to feel sympathy for that man to have to ride around the neighbourhood under the burning hot sun.

 "Jessica Chaw ya? Ahmoi sila tandatangan di sini... Okay, thank you!"

YES it's a parcel for me! I sped into my house as I really couldn't wait to unpack the parcel. When I was about to instinctively tear the package open, I paused and took a close look at the parcel... "Jessica Chaw" Countless of thoughts took a dive straight down into my mind from the clouds, and I began to stare into the thin air, rearranging them as they "landed" one by one.

 "If it weren't for the readers who constantly support me, who would I be today? Will I be holding this parcel containing yet another sponsored product?" I always wanted to thank all of my readers (yes, YOU!) but i never seem to know where to begin. I have so much to say to all of you awesome people just to thank all of you for your support - it means a heaven to me.

Well I guess I should take today to send this big THANK YOU to all of you bunnies out there!!! ...how? Read on! :P

As I once promised, I'll be having another giveaway as a little effort to show my appreciation towards all of you bunnies!! :P Well, towards the end you might have joined this giveaway (and the ones before, too) but aren't lucky enough to win, I want you to know and always remember - that you are still very much appreciated from the bottom of my heart!! Who knows, you might be the next winner for more giveaways to come? :P

So are you ready for the giveaway? *drum rolls*

This time, I'm giving away this Stylenanda Inspired Spaceship Denim Skater Skirt to one of my lucky blog readers! FYI, I've only worn it for once and it's still NEW in condition! If you are a big fan of skater skirt, you might be interested in getting this adorable piece! Not only the prints on it are fancy but it creates an illusion of having longer legs too! :D

CIMG0061 (2)


Aren't the steps as easy as ABC? Remember, you must complete all the steps above or else your entry will be deemed void! :) 

Giveaway starts from 29.07.2013 to 03.08.2013. 

Good luck! ♥ 

P.S. If you didn't win this skirt but would like to know where I buy it from, here's your answer: 
       You can buy it from @Glamourstylers. Feel free to visit their online shop in Instagram! xx


WENG SIM (wengsim2511@live.com) 
CONGRATULATIONS!! ♥ Please check your email! :) 


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  2. Anonymous: Hey dear, please tell me your ideas in the IMOTIV comment box instead of this Blogger comment system! :)

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