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Ocean Paradise by Number76

Hello bunnies!! I'm finally home from my favorite hair saloon, Number 76, after spending 6 hours there today!!! Most of the girls won't mind sitting there for long hours because we always get to be pampered like a princess. You know, there isn't a single cloud on our horizon to worry us. We just have to sit on the comfortable seat and experience the awesome service Number 76 never fails to offer!

I guess I don't have to elaborate any further on how great their service is anymore. Two possibilities: you have probably been there already; or at least read positive blog reviews by several bloggers who get remarkably beautiful hairdo at Number 76.

It was quite a sorrow for me when college started because I barely have time for my personal activities and events. I even had to skip ViVi's workshop due to my classes! What's more, it's only the beginning of the journey. I really can't imagine how busy my life would be when I have to fuss over college assignments, presentations and prepare myself for examinations! :(

Fortunately, I get to make an appointment today with Victor (yeah, from Number 76) to get my new highlights done. FYI, HE IS CONSTANTLY SUPER BUSY. (Even on weekdays lol) He has a lot of clients on his "waiting list" and I was the first of the day haha! I went there as early at 10am!! (while their saloon is supposed to open at 10.30am) Mr. Far-too-kind Victor asked me to be there earlier as my lovely hair needs extra time for some extra care. :P

Breakfast at YEAST before heading to Number 76. After this photo, it will be some time until you get to see photos of myself with pink highlights again. Bye pink, we shall cross paths again someday.

Well, after a short discussion with Victor, we've finally made an ultimate decision!

So now, I would like you to enjoy the breathtaking scenery in the picture below for a few seconds, close your eyes and remember the colors in the picture:

Blue. Turquoise. Purple. Pink. Wonderful colors, aren't they? 

They are all my favorite colors so I asked myself: "What's the reason to not dye all of my favorite colors as my highlights instead of just one?" Victor agreed with me but he said this time, he is going to prioritize turquoise and blue instead of pink.

Woosh! My new highlights remind me of T.O.P's hair color~~ *boomshakalaka*
 Victor did everything with very much care and meticulous attention: from hair wash to coloring, then all the way to hair treatment. 

After coloring, it's time for a hair treatment of course!! My hair told me (yeah my hair talks to me, she is my loyal little friend :P) that she is happy whenever she is basking in the magical aura of the Ultrasonic treatment. :P




The highlights come out to play as long as I tie my hair up! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! And I'm so gonna go to college every day in a ponytail just to show my highlights off HAHAHAHAHA.





My hair is finally doneeeee!! I love how my hair becomes so lustrous, smooth and silky after undergoing Number 76's renowned Ultrasonic treatment. Not forgetting to mention, I'm so in love with my awesome highlights, all thanks to the humblest and friendliest hairstylist I've ever met, Victor! 



*Umm... Isn't she gonna talk about her outfit?* 

YES, right now haha :P At the same time I'm actually 18 and "young", it's hard to gainsay that I think this outfit actually made me look even much "younger" HAHAHAHA! So get your striking-colored and eye-catching pinafore from none other than this amazing online shop, TWENTY3.

And don't forget to key in this magic code "JESSICAPINAFORE10" to get RM10 off the total bill on any purchase from their PINAFORE collection!

Once again, a big thank you to Victor from Number 76 for his great effort!!! Make an appointment with him nowwwwww at 76 STYLE ~! ♥♥♥

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