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Say YAY to 76!


My friends have been suggesting me to visit Number 76 hair saloon for a perfect hairdo experience.


I guess Number 76 isn't an unfamiliar hair saloon to all of you anymore. Trust me, even Teddy, who doesn't really keep himself up-to-date with things that don't matter him, knows about Number 76. Sorry Teddy boy, I'm just being honest. HAHAHA.

I decided to make an appointment with Victor to pay Number 76 (Bangsar branch) a visit yesterday. Victor is a really humble and friendly hairstylist. Not forgetting to mention, he is also a hairstylist with several years of experience under his belt. I have totally nothing to worry about and I simply gave him the green light to do whatever he wants to my hair hahaha!!!

I told him how badly I need a hair wash above everything else because it has been 2 days since I last washed my hair. :X And my hair was so greasy and....smelly. So Victor recommended me to try their popular Tansan hair wash, also known as "Sparking Scalp Experience"! I was actually quite excited because it isn't the normal type of hair wash where they just shampoo and wash then, end of story.

On the other hand, Tansan hair wash doesn't only remove dirt and excessive oil on scalp (good news for me!) but at the same time, it makes your scalp cleaner and fresher.

Here comes the best part. After the Tansan hair wash, I was shown the residue which contains dirt, oil, dandruff and everything else I got from the polluted air of Kuala Lumpur! The more contaminated the water is, the dirtier your hair is lolol.

So this proves that the Tansan hair wash has effectively cleaned all the dirt from my scalp. This is disgusting, I know! Haha!

Don't blame on me kay? I didn't wash my hair for 2 days already. I expected the worst outcome haha!

After the special hair wash, I was already awed by Japan's technology in hair care service. I mean, what enlightened soul invented something like that! But that's not the end of the greatness, here comes the significant hair treatment which boasts an ability to make your hair shine bright like a diamond. (Excuse my weird description haha!!)

All the same, Victor did the Ultrasonic Iron Treatment for me! This hair treatment is one of the most popular and extraordinary services they provide. I've already seen so many "before and after" photos about this treatment on Number 76's Instagram. I was extremely eager to try it out and I want my hair to be as healthy and as shiny as it can get!

Say "Hi" to Victor!!! I was hesitating whether to upload this picture here because my eyebrows looked weird lolol but never mind la, you guys can focus on Victor~ I have no idea why he gave me such a cute expression. HAHAHA.

When I saw the hair iron, what ran in my mind was: What? So the biggest secret behind this treatment is a hair straightener?! I have one at home too lolol!

But heck, I was so wrong. 

Instead of a straightener, it is actually a hair iron which does not induce excessive heat as normal irons do. Hmm..hair iron with only a slight degree of heat? How could this probably work?

So I was told that this hair iron will vibrate the cells of your hair, thus enhancing the penetration of hair nutrients into our hair. This treatment is strongly recommended for people who have dry, messy and damaged hair!! 

Another fact which amazed me is that this ultrasonic iron treatment isn't time-consuming at all. For my hair length, the treatment can end in less than an hour. I was stunned by how efficiently my hairstylist's skills can synergise with this high-tech hair iron! Before this, I expected to sit through an age to get my hair treatment done but it's wonderful that I didn't have to! 

Taadaa! This is the beautiful outcome!!

Besides the treatment, is it noticeable that I had a haircut? My hair was quite "thin and flat" previously so Victor decided to trim my hair to make it thicker. I was wondering: how in the world can he trim and still make my hair thicker??! Aren't you curious too?


This is how my hair looked right after drying, without using a comb. WTF. I could never achieve such smoothness at home! T_T

Thank you Victor for the natural and wavy curls!! ♥.♥

I love how he made my hair thicker, bouncier and looser! Totally Japanese girls' style okay!






Sorry for spamming all of my vainly taken photos but I just couldn't help myself hahahahaha!!!

Long story cut short, I had a really good experience in Number 76 and I was completely satisfied with the services they provided! Will definitely come back to visit Victor again soon!! Tips: Don't forget to make an appointment with him before your visit! :P


  1. Can I know how much for your hair treatment,hair wash and hair cut you done in Number 76 ?

  2. JieYin: For the hair wash, it's RM25, hair treatment is rm250. :D Haircut varies according to your hair length! You can ask Victor!! :)

  3. is the ultrasonic treatment permenant? like relaxing or rebonding treatment? or after wash it will go back to normal hair?

  4. Ana Roslan:
    Hello, the ultrasonic treatment is not a permanent treatment but it will last up to 2 months! :) So far, I can still feel the smoothness after washing my hair!

  5. Wow.. really2 nicee hairr!! I love the highlights... :)

  6. Hi may I know whats d diff btw steampod n ultrasonic treatment? Is it d same? Which u feel is better? As u hav experienced both b4! hehe

  7. hey there i should also try the ultrasonic treatment! hehe thanks for sharing will request them soon =D