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Things my parents say when I drive

To be honest, I was issued my driving license a few months ago but I've never drove a car for more than 10 times.

Why? Well it's mainly because I am afraid of driving on the streets. Ok you may call me a coward now or whatever you want (but don't tell me la ok, just keep that to yourself..shh!)

Yes, I must learn and keep practicing because practice makes perfect. Those are what everyone told me. Well, I did practice. I did drive in my housing area with my mum, occasionally. I actually wanted a MyVi because it looks cute wtf. (Just kidding!) Actually I prefer cars which are smaller in size because I think they are more manageable than sedans. Well, a Proton Waja is already considered a big car for me, not to mention MPV's such as Alphard or Estima okay: out of the question.

I do not want my parents to buy me a MyVi right now because firstly, I'm still a beginner so I shall practice with my parents' car first. Secondly, I do not want to burden my parents and pester them to buy me a new car just because I want one. In fact, I hope I can buy it myself, with my savings and earnings. So I shall start learning how to earn money from now onwards! 

So...back to my main topic haha!

I once drove to Sungei Wang with my dad right the day after I got my driving license. I thought I was good because I passed the test so I offered dad the chance of being my first passenger. However, I fared kinda badly that day (Don't worry, I didn't get us into any accident) and it proved that I still have so much to learn. My dad lost his confidence in me and from that day onwards, he never dared to ask me to take the wheel again lolol.

Since then, I was afraid to drive.

But I know one thing for sure: no matter what, I must learn. I couldn't depend on my parents or someone else forever. I must be independent. I really envy my friends who can drive to school themselves so....I MUST LEARN.

So it was only today that I finally dared myself to drive all the way to Sungei Wang again, this time of course, accompanied by both of my parents. Damn, you can now imagine the situation I've been through lol.

My parents panicked more than I did. I was pretty steady, I guess. My parents are the typical type of parents who would criticize you regardless you are right or wrong. You just have to listen and agree with them lol.

It was a pretty good day, with a clear blue sky, fine weather and light traffic on the roads. My mum kept reminding me to stay cool and steady, look out for the cars, the motorcycles, and so on. 

"Just drive on your lane, steadily." 

"Don't get affected when the cars honk at you okay, just do the right things and be careful." 

"Check the rear-view mirrors!!"

My dad was even more nervous. He had been yelling "Eh brake, brake, BRAKE!" (while I was not even within tailgating distance from the car ahead of me). Dad, I could see the car in front of me ok.

Sometimes my mum urged me to speed up because she said the drivers of the cars behind me will get annoyed by my speed. But sometimes she told me this: "Eh you think you are driving a F1 car? Slow down!" -_- Mum, I'm only driving at a normal speed.

Sometimes...my parents weren't even on the same consensus. It happened today when I was about to enter the Sungei Wang parking lot. There was another car behind me and he actually turned on the signal, clearly indicating that he wanted to turn into the parking lot too.

Mum: "Stop and wait the car behind you to pass by first!!!"

So I stopped the car...the tickle of the signal clicks and clicks, somehow injecting me a little nervousness.

Dad: "What are you waiting for?? Just turn la!!!" 

But at the same time, my mum yelled and commanded me to wait. I was completely perplexed.


Okay so in the end, I turned into the entrance before the driver of the car behind me gets irritated lol. He must be wondering: "What the hell are these three people doing in the car?" haha!! But I was so grateful that he was patient enough not to overtake!

Today, I learned a valuable lesson which can never be learned from the little Undang textbook. 

Drive slow and steady for a safe journey.  

Feel free to share your interesting driving experience with me!! :P


  1. my sister is having the same age with you so she's having the same problem too. whenever she's driving, my mom would yell alot & same goes to my dad lol. she once fetch me home from school without our parents being with us & suprisingly she drove really well, i think she gets nervous when our parents are beside her when she's driving lol.

  2. haha.. i guess most P drivers get the same reactions from parents.