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Time To Reload & Win A RM10k Watch!

Are you a die hard fan of watches? Is there a watch so charming which entices you enough to spend every single penny you have left in your bank account just to keep it a pet of your wrist? Do you have a watch you like so much you'll trade your life just to have it back? 

Do you own a prepaid phone number? Does it make you sigh by walking to a telco booth while fishing out your wallet reluctantly? Does it hurt to expect nothing more than only CREDIT to have to dig cash out of your wallet for a reload?

Well, it's about time your prepaid life should change once and for all!! Have you ever imagined that by reloading - be it 10 ringgit or 30 - you actually won yourself a chance to owning a watch worth up to RM30k?!! YES, I KNOW RIGHT. TOO GOOD YET IT'S TRUE. I'm betting all-in that you've never came across a deal this big before! Lo and behold!

Click on the image to know more!

You've seen enough! You only need to reload, and that's it! You're on your way to winning yourself the watch which once flashed in your wildest dreams! Big thanks to Xpax, watch-lovers now get to realize their dreams. Even if you aren't really into watches, what can be bad about owning a RM10k watch? Get your notepads out, because I'm gonna share with you the simple steps to winning watches you'll get crazed over!

Here we go!
1. Reload as much as any of the following amount (RM10, twice in a day / RM30, once in a day)

And we're done!

"One step only? That's it?"
Yuppie! It's that simple!

"So how do the entries count?"
For the first 2x RM10 reload, 1 entry will be submitted;
For each subsequent 1x RM10 reload on the same day, an additional 1 entry will be submitted.

For the first 1x RM30 reload, 2 entries will be submitted.
For each subsequent 1x RM30 reload on the same day, additional 3 entries will be submitted.

Everyday, Xpax has a premium watch worth RM10k ready to be given away! (probably, YOU!) And no it doesn't stop there, awesomeness can only multiply and guess what: there will also be surprise days where a special RM30k watch will be given out! So be sure to stay tuned to Xpax for announcements regarding the special day you will never want to miss out! Say yeah to Xpax!!! :D

So what are you still waiting for? Get up from your seat! It's time to lock and load and get ready to take home a RM10k watch - or, better yet - the one worth RM30k! What time is it? IT'S #TIMETORELOAD BABIES!

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