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Chic Nail Spa by Soong Ai Ling

Hi everyone!! Monday blues have no chance of getting near me because my classes were all cancelled today. *hops around like a happy bunny*

Anyway, Iiwen came back from Singapore last Sunday and she desperately wanted to go out with me. Dear Iiwen, don't slap me for bluffing hahaha! But one thing for sure is that she misses me lololol. *Self-obsessed* For those who are interested to know, we actually met each other for the first time during Laneige's beauty workshop a few months ago. This is my second time hanging out with her and I think it's pretty comfortable being around her. You know, my usual public-facade is completely off when I'm with her!

We decided to head to Antipodean Restaurant which is located in Bangsar to satiate our hunger. Sadly, the food wasn't as good as of what we expected! Iiwen ordered the big breakfast whereas I ordered something I never once tried before - The Spinach and Mushroom Carbonara. If you would to ask me to compare which one is better, for me it has to be the big breakfast. The portion of the carbonara is rather too big for me and unfortunately, the cream sauce was so mild. I think I don't have to further elaborate on Antipodean anymore, it would only make me sadder! T_T

Let's put my disappointments aside. Now let's focus on something else which made my day!! :D 

Believe it or not; I actually have never been to a nail salon for pedicure before!! I actually wanted to try pedicure out since a long time ago because I have ugly toenails *ughh* Not forgetting to mention, the awful calluses which only adds to the irritation of looking at my toes. I tried so hard to ignore them, I realized I have to do something about it because I am super embarrassed to wear shoes which exposes my toenails! Another good reason for a pedicure session is that I always fail to cut the shape nicely lolol, which results in doubling the ugliness of my toenails lol.

Okay, so I have been searching for quality nail salons these days. For me, cleanliness of the nail salon is the main thing I would prioritize. I guess nobody would like to go into a nail salon which has dirty floors, puddles of water everywhere and other unpleasant situations you can name. Secondly, I would take the price into my considerations! I have actually done my survey, the price range for pedicure is around RM45-RM65! If the price is acceptable, I would look around and see if the interior design is nice lolll. I KNOW I AM SO DEMANDING LOL. *Customer rights*

Look what I have found! Taaadaaa! Welcome to the Chic Nail Spa by Soong Ai Ling, which is located in Bangsar Village II! :)

 The demanding princess has finally found her ideal nail salon!! 


Amazing interior design!! Totally love the ambiance there. 

Interior design

Ms.Iiwen who accompanied me there!! *waves hand to pretty girl*

The first step is, of course, to clean my feet. Both of my feet were soaked in lukewarm water, which provides a soothing effect on my feet!

Not forgetting to take pictures lor since the place is so nice HAHAHAH. #TypicalBloggers

While my feet were being pampered, the nail artist allowed me to choose my ideal color from the nail color palettes given. How could I forget to take pictures of the color palettes. :( Anyway, I didn't forget to take picture of this list of lotion lolol. I chose Lavender & Jojoba!

After cutting my toenails into the perfect shape, scrubbing my feet clean, removing the calluses around my toes, it's time to apply the shiny top coat and my chosen color!! :) 

 Am I getting chubbier day by day?! 


I chose this darker shade of pink with glitters on it!! I think the color is nice!

The whole process took me approximately 50 minutes and I left, feeling satisfied.

Positive reviews about Chic Nail Spa: 
1) Vintage interior design which looks really! 
2) The furniture were really clean and tidy. 
3) Nail artist is quick and efficient.
4) Price is quite reasonable and they are having promotion now lolol. Just in case you wanna know, I paid Rm55 for the pedicure! :)

One thing I am not so happy with is that the staffs looked too serious! It would be better if they greet their customers courteously with a smile. I've also read many tips left my customers in FourSquare, saying that their customer service was bad. I certainly hope they will improve in this aspect so that people will feel the sense of belonging when they visit this nail salon. Customer service is a very important thing which will determine whether the customer will come back a second time or not?



Outfit details:-
76 Top from Twenty3 
Denim Skater Skirt from Topshop
Platforms from Busy_boutique


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