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Daily Outfits #3

Halo everybodehhhh! Happy weekends!

One of the most interesting things about going to college is that I can wear whatever I want hahaha! (Of course I won't wear bikini to school la :P) Good bye uniforms, especially the A-lined pinafores we usually wear in high-school loll.

Anyway, I came up with different outfits by digging up all the old clothes from my wardrobe. Laying my "treasure" out in my room, I actually realized that I have a lot of clothes which I have worn only once or twice! I wish there's a fashion bazaar so that I can sell most of them off. But I am not sure whether someone who is willing to buy my pre-loved clothes.....*Remember to tell me if you are keen!*

I really love this sweater from Zara because it's grants so much versatility: I can match it with almost everything! 
However, it's not really that safe to wear a skater skirt to my campus actually (because of the wind)
Sweater from Zara
Skirt from Starlightshop
Flats from Topshop
Necklace from Autumn Ripple

Very, very simple outfit? Here comes the futuristic sneaker wedges to the rescue!
(Well, ignore my bag because that's my one and only school bag lol)
Baseball Jacket from Topshop
Rainbow Top from Twenty3
High-waist shorts from Topshop
Socks from Happy Socks 


This is the cropped sweater I love the most so far!!! The magical material keeps me warm all day: I have completely no fear for the chilly winds! I recently got myself a few more pieces of cropped sweaters from February Dolls, and trust me, it's hard not to think that this online shop is AWESOME. Will be doing a review of it soon! Go check it out in the meantime :D

Shades from Nineteen89 Boutique
Cropped sweater from February Dolls
Shorts from Topshop
Sneakers from Nike

My highlights have very much faded!! Should I go for a touch-up; or change myself some new colors?
Anyway, I got this spiky hair-tie from Polka Dot Closet! :)

I am quite happy with my life in college right now. I feel so glad to have met a bunch of awesome friends! *You people know who you are!* And I can't believe that we will be sitting for the first exam next month!!!!! I guess I have pore over the notes right now. The next update won't be long, stay tuned! :D


  1. Hey Jessica! I'm a reader of yours.
    Do check out Eiffel 'n Amitie for their vintage accessories. They are great pieces at affordable prices as well!


  2. I never mind buying 2nd hand stuff, sadly thrift shops aren't a trend in Malaysia. I'd love to shop your preloved clothes if you really do sell it cause I'm definitely in love with your style <3


  3. Where do u study?

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