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Fashion Accessories From Autumn Ripple

Hi Bunnies! How's your day? Mine was pretty relaxing because basking in the mood of HOLDAYS! Oh, and not forgetting to mention, my BIRTHDAY week!!! HAHAHA. Yes, I'm that special to the extent where I claim the entire week to celebrate my birthday hahaha! I just had my first celebration with my girls, BaoEr and Joanne last Saturday. The second celebration was organized by my high-school besties! Will blog about the celebrations soon! ;)

Anyway, thank you Autumn Ripple for the early gift!! I love surprises, especially from awesome online shops such as Autumn Ripple. I guess most of you are familiar with Autumn Ripple because it is one of the largest online shops which boasts a vast range of accessories such as necklaces, bangles, rings, chain collars, etc. Well: you name it, they have it!

So today I'm gonna share the accessories I've received from Autumn Ripple, only with you! Hmm actually why do we even need accessories in the first place? Well, I shall post the photos now and you may seek for your answer from each of the photos! :)

#1 Neon Yellow Drop Necklace




Hmm, how should I make an ordinary tee look extraordinary? No doubt: a neon-colored necklace can definitely grant your outfit an extra shine! Try to imagine how simple and plain my T-shirt would be without the necklace! I am so in love with neon colors, especially neon yellow!! It's actually a versatile color which can match well with both black and white apparels! 

#2 Pebble Collars (Available in 5 colors) 



Before putting this on , I have so many concerns running in my mind when I see this pebble collar necklace..Would it look weird on me? Would including it in my outfit top up the difficulty of mixing and matching my clothes? Well to be really honest, I completely changed my mind right the moment I put it around my neck!! I find this necklace a great "utility" whenever my mood persuades me to wear plain-colored clothes. It's probably one of the best ways to get your plain outfit out of their comfort zone: and carry that aura nobody does. This fabulous pebble collar is sure to make you stand out from the crowd! 



Geometrical shaped pendants are such a hit nowadays, especially triangles!! Due to the simplicity, ways of matching this necklace is highly versatile! Putting on a dress for the day? A casual tee? Well, tag this cool necklace along!

#4 Swallow Chain Collar


Trying a little hard to play GD here. HAHAHAHA
Among all of the items, I love this set the most!! Chain collars are soooo cool, aren't they? This swallow chain collar brightens up my outfit with an elegant flash of gold, rendering a sense of edginess to your outfit which can actually be so effortlessly achieved with this chain collar. ;)

Do I still have to quote from Oxford so as to introduce the "magic" that accessories can work? ;)

All thanks to Autumn Ripple, all my readers* (yes, only YOU) are given an exclusive 15% discount** off your bill with purchase of any item storewide!!! Beginning from this moment, this fantastic promotion will last all the way until the end of August. THINK FAST AND ACT FASTER BUNNIES!

*Don't forget to mention the following coupon code: JESSICA15

**Discount only applies if the total amount of the bill exceeds RM30.

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