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My Daily Outfits #2

Halo bunnies! Today I'm gonna share about how I come up with different outfits which suit my mood the best for the day with all of you. Well, if you are keeping up-to-date with my Instagram, you may have seen all the photos I'm gonna post later! To be honest, I'm more active on Instagram-ing instead of blogging nowadays but that doesn't mean that I'm neglecting my blog ok! :P

I often receive questions regarding where I bought my apparels on Instagram. I usually won't add the details of where and why I bought my garments in Instagram but YES, I AM GONNA POST THEM ON MY BLOG! Here are the answers for you if you would like to know where I got my outfit from! :P

 Honestly, this piece of dress is slightly loose for me although it's in S size. (Problem of being a petite!) But I really like the color and the quality of the dress. As I mentioned before, Chill n Chic is a highly recommended blog shop for all of you who want to get high-quality clothes with a reasonable price! :) 
Dress from Chill and Chic 
Bag from Aurora Boutique 
Boots from Teddy boyyy  ♥

Hmm. I've started college for about 2 weeks already, if I am not mistaken. I prefer wearing sneakers to school instead of wearing my fav platforms! My school compound is rather huge so it's definitely not easy to run around if I wear my heels or platforms! So yeap, this is one simple black and white outfit I wore to college last week! :)

Who is a fan of Green Tea Frappuccino?
Crop Top + Dress (It's a set!) from Busy_Boutique 
Bag (Super love this bag because I can just stuff everything in it!) from Coach  
Necklace from Autumn Ripple 
Neon-yellow socks from H&M
Sneakers from Converse 

One of the most comfortable outfits everyone can wear to school is an oversized tee + a pair of leggings. Of course, if you want to outshine yourself, wear a pair of striking-colored leggings instead of a black one! 
Oversized Kitty Tee from Topshop 
Galaxy Leggings from Iwearsin 

You know what? Sometimes my school's lecturer theater could be ridiculously frigid. I had my lesson learnt when I wore a tee and skater skirt to school. My bones were shivering and I needed a jacket so badly that time! From that day onwards, I would never forget to bring my jacket to school haha!



Baseball Jacket from Topshop 
Rainbow Tank Top from O'Bambi 
Skirt from Pull and Bear
Neon-green hairband from Polka Dot Closet 

Another girlish outfit here, bringing out a sense of gracefulness.

Top from Topshop
Skirt from Bunnykisses_ (For those who are interested to order, please LINE me at JessicaC)
Platforms from Busy_Boutique

OK! I think that's all for now. Don't forget to tell me which outfit you like the most!! ♥♥♥

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  1. I like the outfit with the baseball jacket and the rainbow tank top! :D