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My Days With The Samsung Galaxy S4

I am here to make a confession: 

I am super in love with my new buddy, the Samsung Galaxy S4!! 

Guess what? I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the bloggers to write a review on the new Samsung Galaxy S4! Of course, I have to thank Nuffnang and Samsung for this opportunity! ♥ 

I don't know where to start writing about this awesome gadget. Honestly, it is beyond awesome; it is way better than I expected at first. I am always amazed by Samsung's advertisements on the glut of unique features installed in their latest gadgets. I couldn't stop my mouth from going "WOWWWWW" when I come across with the advertisements about S4. It's undeniably true that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a life companion. It is more than just your mobile phone! It's really an indescribably wonderful feeling having a S4 in hand, you just have to experience it yourself!

In this review, I will try my best to show you every single feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4 I enjoyed using so much. Who knows you might wanna get yourself a S4 at the end of my last sentence? 

Shall we begin now? *You can't say no :P*


Only ostensibly, we can notice how creative they are in designing the packaging of the phone. Do you know that the box in wooden texture is actually 100% made from recycled materials? The packaging has already attracted me at first sight and it certainly stands out from the usual ones we are all already bored of!



It must be fully pumped with energy before I get to start playing with it!

I think mobile phones in white are so edgy and classic! Does anyone agree? 

The whopping 5-inch display with Full HD resolution is definitely one of the main reasons to love the S4! Oh, see my wallpaper right there? She is my one of fav models from ViVi magazine! :P

To start my journey of experiencing the S4, of course I have to access to the Play Store to download the apps I want! 

Certainly, you can find almost everything you want according to the list of genres in the Play Store! 


One thing I like the best about the S4 is that you can make quick changes to the settings on the drop down menu! S4's intelligence is such an asset for efficiency-demanding users! :)

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has various preset effects for you to choose before taking a picture!

Hoho, it even has the "Beauty Face" mode, which obviously drives every girl crazy!!!!

S4 is not only about entertainment, it is also able to help you in living a healthier lifestyle! With S health, you can track calories you have consumed and expended! :)

Besides, the device also measures the current temperature and humidity and recommends you an ideal environment to find comfort!

The face icon shows whether or not the current environment is comfortable for you! HAHA, obviously I was taking this measurement on a hot, sunny day! 

Anyway, I recorded a short video to demonstrate the function of Air View. It makes me feel like I am Harry Potter when I was playing with this function!! :P

It actually has more functions such as the Smart Scroll and Smart Pause but I have no idea how to record the video of me playing the functions myself. But I guess everyone already knows how the functions work since the day S4 launched haha!

Basically, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is literally my "daily companion". I bring it everywhere I go! In college, I use it to launch my online portal whenever my teacher tells all of us to. Its huge screen makes everything so easy to be read! It had certainly became my necessity and trust me, you will love it more and more as day goes by!

If you have read my previous blog posts, you would have came across with many pictures taken by S4. The quality of the photos is amazing, isn't it? Not forgetting to mention, its front camera is the bomb!! Most of my InstaVideos are recorded with S4's front camera and they're so so HD! Apart from that, I personally think its battery lasts surprisingly long! I really love how Samsung makes everything so perfect in their inventions.

Ending this post with my selca with S4. 

My days are complete with The Samsung Galaxy S4. How about you?

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