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Officially Eighteen.

Hi guys, I am officially eighteen years old now.

TIME FLIES, DOESN'T IT. Until now, I couldn't even believe that I have already graduated from high-school and have started entering college. It felt so surreal. I am no longer a little girl now (but I am always my dad's little girl hahaha)!!

I have to say, I am really grateful to have everything in my life now. I've met a lot of awesome people this year! Some of them enlightened me to be more positive in life. Some of them came to my life and taught me how to appreciate everything I have in life. Some of them are really great supporters, who are really loyal, honest and nevertheless, truthful to me.

They say people come into your life to stay, either for a season or a lifetime. I strongly believe that everyone who walked into my life has certainly taught me lessons on how to be a better person.  So I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who made my life a worthwhile and beautiful journey! All of you make the very reason why I LOVE LIFE!

Back to my main topic of this blog entry heh, I had um, 4 birthday celebrations this year, with different awesome people in my life.

I had my first celebration with Joanne and Baoer. I hereby thank you Nuffnang, for bringing us closer because we knew each other through blogging hehe!! They are as cute as me and as talkative as I am HAHAHA. *just joking* Joanne is one year younger than me but she has a ridiculously strong fashion sense! BaoEr is actually older than both of us but she is really, really adorable. She looks like an innocent eighteen-year-old doll right? :P


We had high-tea together at Star Hills Tea Salon. Honestly, the high-tea set was just passable!

Not a big fan of macarons because they are just too sweet for me! :x


Top and Dungaree from THEITGIRLONLINE 
Stylenanda Inspired Shoes from BUSY_BOUTIQUE 
I had my second birthday celebration with Natalie, Charmayne and Cassy. They are all lovely people I have known for so many years. They planned everything for my birthday secretly! They even refused to tell me where we were heading for dinner. I was so surprised and enthusiastic when we have finally reached the destination as they chose a decent Japanese restaurant named Senya-Dining. (They know me so well!) 

It is located at Jalan Pinang. The restaurant is quite humble-in-size and the interior was a little too warm! (okay, warmer than "a little too warm") But nonetheless, the food served was great!! I somehow appreciate restaurants with atmosphere (such as this one!): you can see Japanese decorations everywhere. Always wanted to visit Japan desperately? Try sitting inside Senya-Dining for more than 3 hours and then you will feel as if you are already in JAPAN LOLOL (just kidding :P)



Juicy and bouncy Chuka Lidako on our table~!


Fresh and thick slices of salmons are our favorite!


I ordered soft-shell crab Udon!! Soft-shell crab has always been my favorite hehe, and this time around my palate has all its thumbs up! The soft-shell crabby babies were really crispy and toothsome!!

Some restaurants don't even bother "arranging" the food neatly. Those restaurants are the reason why I don't really can't blame restaurants like Senya-Dining for charging a few percents for their service - it's kinda worth it.

A girls' night out isn't a "girls' night out" with no time allocated to be as vain as typical girls can be. HAHAHHA BRACE YOURSELVES.

With Cassy Woo.


With Charmayne Ho.

Thank you for organizing the birthday celebration for me! Thanks for everything, girls!


Had my third birthday celebration on my birthday with my family! Well, nothing much special but nonetheless, we had a great time being together! I have a heart of appreciation - which would be too shallow to be expressed between alphabets - for my family for always being there for me :') Without them, there wouldn't be this happy Jessica Chaw today.

All pictures below were taken by Samsung Galaxy S4!! I am really impressed by the resolution of the pics. Thank you S4! 

 Hello, beautiful mum.


First taste of Green Tea Frappucino from Starbucks! Super nice!

Went to KLCC with family at night to choose my present and dinner. :P

Dinner at Ko-Ryo-Won was pretty satisfying! 

Will update my last birthday celebration in the next post!!! Hope you enjoy reading this :)