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Review: ePure Membranous Jelly Masque

Halo everyone!!! How's your weekend so far?

I've been going out for 3 days in a row this week and it was pretty tiring for me. I barely had time to have some facial or apply masks because I was usually worn-out to the core as soon I got home. So I decided to stay at home today, relax myself and of course, pamper my skin! *Going completely makeup free today!*

Speaking of pampering my skin, have you guys heard of ePure Membranous Jelly Masque

This jelly masque is getting more and more well-known and I am sure most of you had read reviews of it on blogs, right? I think I am kinda outdated already because I only got myself a jar of the masque a few days ago! Hmm, there are so many reasons which led me to getting the ePure Jelly Masque. Apart from the reviews from some renowned bloggers, I always wanted to try something new as recently finished my Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. Since I have come across so many positive reviews about the jelly masque, well, WHY NOT?!!

So today, I'm gonna write a review about it!! This is yet another blog post with my bared-face photos. It's not my first time revealing my naked face already so I don't have to give any warnings to all of you la haha! Brace yourself~


Benefits of the ePure Membranous Jelly Masque:
  • Fairer skin 
  • More even skin tone 
  • Pores refined 
  • Cheeks lifting and firming
  • Laugh lines made less obvious
  • Pimple spots and redness lightened 
  • Blackheads reduced
• Fairer skin
• More even skin tone
• Pores refined 
• Lifting & firming of the cheek
• Laugh lines decreased
• Pimple spots & redness lightened 
• Less blackheads
- See more at: http://www.hishop.my/epure-membranous-jelly-masque-6-packs#sthash.lKN3oG1O.dpuf

I decided to take all the photos with my Samsung Galaxy S4 instead of my Casio Tr150. The reason of doing so is that I want to show you the effects in its most natural and actual form. I'm going completely honest in this post!! Using Casio TR150 will not show the exact results I wanted to present: its makeup mode would automatically beautify my face and give it "virtual" makeup haha! On the other hand, S4 has a super HD front camera and it effortlessly gives out all the flaws on my naked face lol. Not sure whether it's good news for me but I hereby swear, that everything I write here is based on my experience and my true feelings! Nothing too much nor too little, no exaggeration, no lie, just exact.

So here's a photo of me, 100% bare (not even one atom of makeup LOL)!
Dark circles - my loyal friend. -_- Besides, my skin tone is slightly uneven and oh, blackheads! It's also highly noticeable that I have redness on my cheeks. (Oh..and some newborn pimples eww)

Oh well, nobody is flawless, right? :p

Remember to apply toner on your face before applying the jelly masque :)

Love how the masque channels a cooling sensation all over my face!! P.S. Apply more on the nose to reduce blackheads.

Apply the jelly masque for an approximate thickness of 0.5cm evenly on your face. Then, leave the mask on your face for 35-40 minutes! :D  

Let's witness the results together now!
  • Brightness of skin enhanced instantly!
  • Dark circles reduced! 
  • Redness on cheeks reduced! 
  • Pores are less visible! 
  • Skin gets smoother!
I would say that it's pretty surprising for me to witness such obvious results in just 40 minutes. I believe all first-time users agree! However, it doesn't seem to reduce my blackheads as efficiently as the other effects which already took place, signs of cheeks lifting isn't apparent too! Hmm I guess maybe I should not have expected the immediate magic of blackheads reduced and cheeks lifted haha. Or maybe the cheek-lifting requires a surgery HAHA. Anyway, I'm pretty satisfied with the results! It's advisable to use it 3 times a week for first-month users to get the best results!

As a wrap, this is really an all-benefit-in-one mask which is suitable for all skin types!

For those who are interested, you can order your set from XiaoSha rightaway! :)