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Your new pair of eyes.


Has anybunny here heard of GlassesOnline yet? Just to briefly introduce, GlassesOnline is an online website which sells a variety of trendy glasses and contact lens. A variety? Yes - you can find any brand of glasses you can name:  Gucci, Rayban, Giorgia Armani, etc  (isn't that impressive?!!) and better yet - at a much cheaper price! Now imagine yourself shopping for that one pair of glasses existed as a segment of your destiny and you do not even have to take half a step out of your house to get it...

Wearing my comfortable Freshkon Alluring Eyes series contact lens from GlassesOnline!

I believe you have read my previous post and found out about the denim skirt-giveaway! Well well didn't I mention that there will be "more giveaways in the future"?? *tadaa* WELCOME TO THE FUTURE LOL!! If the denim skirt (which will be given away as mentioned on the previous post) did not interest you at all, well good news - here's your chance to win yourself a must-have item for everyone's closet!

*what is she saying?*

If you have already guessed it, YES, YOU'RE READING YET ANOTHER GIVEAWAY POST. In collaboration with GlassesOnline, I will be giving out a brand new pair of contact lens! Only to add to the awesomeness, you get to choose your desired pair of contact lens (free choice of colour, and power) under this link: http://www.glassesonline.com.my/contact-lenses/ provided that the pair of lens does not cost more than RM50! To be really honest, I've never seen an offer better than this one!! Can't wait to own it? Well here are a few simple steps you have to follow!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you didn't win in the giveaway, don't worry! Look what we have brought to you! :)

Good luck! :)

The winner for this giveaway is Carmen Yap (carmen.yc55@gmail.com) ! 


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