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I am the kind of person who can't live without Internet. I AM SERIOUS!!!

Can you imagine how would your entire day be without the Internet? I don't dare to imagine it. "A smartphone without a data plan is plainly useless." I freaking agree with that! Honestly, the existence of data plan is way toooooo convenient for people from all walks of life nowadays. It renders you a sense of belonging to the community where you can keep in touch with your friends and family all the time, stay up-to-date with the latest news which happen in the milieu of the world, check out Facebook, Twitter and Instagram updates as often as you want, read the latest news of your celebrities, do online shopping, entertain yourself with YouTube videos, search for the information you want speedily, watch exciting football matches or movies AND SO MUCH MORE!

I really can't think of any banes of the data plan, seriously! What's more, DiGi is now offering us unlimited Internet surfing and social messaging plans. Thank you DiGi for always satisfying our needs! 

Anyway, do you guys know that you can stand a chance to win a brand new Vespa to ride around the town with the wind against your hair? I bet you don't know this piece of awesome news yet right! No worries, this blog post will contain all the information you might want to know about DiGi's new campaign - 60 Vespa in 60 days. 

So here's the deal. DiGi is giving away 60 FREE Vespa in 60days! "BUT HOW?????"

Alright, I heard you! Well, that's pretty simple! All you have to do is subscribe to any of DiGi's Prepaid Mobile Internet plans below and dial *116# to participate, and a beautiful shiny Italian ride could be yours! The higher your Internet quota, the more entries and chances you will have to bring home a spanking new Vespa. So keep your subscription active and stand a chance to win a VESPA home! Besides, don't forget to tell me what you would do if you really win a Vespa! :P *maybe bring me for a ride? hohoho*

For more information, please visit www.digi.my/winavespa

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