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Blogshop Review: O'Bambi

Hello Bunnnnnnnehs!

What do you usually do whenever you are bored? I guess most of you would say "surf the Internet"! I am actually curious to know which websites you guys normally visit: Blogs? (and am I in your list of favourite bloggers? heh) Facebook? Twitter? YouTube? Or....checking out your favorite blog shops? :D

I loveeee visiting blog shops, both local and international ones. So today I'm gonna introduce a local blog shop which does nothing other than providing you a variety of good quality and up-to-date garments to choose from! :)

If you haven't heard of O'Bambi before, well take a look at their website!! http://obambi.blogspot.com/

For those who have already heard of O'bambi, or are already their customer, congratulations, you have definitely made a wise choice! Girls, do feel free to share with me what you like the most from their website, be it the design of the website or the variety of clothes they are selling. :D

Anyway, I really like visiting this blog shop because of the clean and organized layout which displays each and every piece of the item neatly. What's more, all the garments are already classified according to their specific genre, bringing very much convenience for hunters like us to go "in for the kill"! hehe :D

Without further ado, now let me show you some pieces I received from O'Bambi!! :)

#1 Rainbow Tank Top

A fan of pastel color? Then this adorable piece is a must-get!! :) 

#2 Priscillia Floral Kaftan Cardigan
The quality of this cardigan is simply awesome! Isn't the color is looooooovely?

#3 Molly Korean Long Denim Jumpsuit

This is my first time wearing a long jumpsuit!! I always complained that I couldn't find the suitable size of long jumpsuits anywhere. THANK YOU O'BAMBI for bringing this exclusive piece to all the petite girls out there! Petite sizes are offered to suit you if you are mini and petite - just like I am!! Whee! Oh and of course, it is available in L size too! :D

Not forgetting to mention, a SALE is going on right this second!! Visit their blog shop right now and feel free to unleash your shopping spree!! :) Link- http://obambi.blogspot.com/search/label/sale 

Website: www.obambi.blogspot.com 
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Obambi/100299800103701
Email: shop.obambi@gmail.com

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