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Crazy Shopping In Happy2u.cc

Online shopping is no longer a rarity in this contemporary world. In fact, it has become a norm for shoppers, like you, you and you. Am I right? Online shopping is popular for a number of reasons and I guess most of you could give me an endless list of answers! *oh dear. I hope I don't sound too much like a secondary essay here HAHAHA* Well, we all love to shop online due to its extreme convenience; who knows some of us may be checking out shirts and shoes while we're "busy" in the washroom?

Apparently, I suck at writing the introduction part hahahahaha!! So sorry if it bores you!

So today, I am gonna introduce you to an online shop named HAPPY2U.CC . What's that? Well, Happy2u.cc is a home of fashion accessories where you can surely find accessories which suit your taste, all coming with super great deals! I just can't help but keep visiting their website every Wednesday and Saturday in anticipation of their ever-so-exciting updates. YES, they update their range with new stocks every Wednesday and Saturday so there's no chance of feeling "bored" for visiting their shop haha!

It's time to show off some cool stuffs I got from them!!! :D

Tokyo Snapback


I have been eying on this Tokyo snapback since I saw it from Stylenanda's website!! Love it so much!

I just simply adore its chic design. Not forgetting to mention, it's really feet-pleasing! I can feel my feet smiling up at me whenever I put this pair of white shoes on! *okay, too much imagination* Its comfort is the ultimate reason why I have been wearing this pair of shoes to my campus very often recently!

Btw, can anyone guess the price of the shoes? Well I guess not, because it is priced at a number you sure won't believe :P Ready for it? Well....... *drum rolls* RM23!!!!! FREAKING CHEAP ISN'T IT. How far is this one from being called "the best deal ever"??!!

Chanel Nail Polish Designed Phone Casing 

No I'm not holding a bottle of nail polish HAHAHA! This casing is really popular nowadays. I love its material as its border is not made of plastic but rubber, which has a relatively higher effectiveness to cushion your beloved phone from the harsh impact from the devilish floor! If you love your phone, please, get a finely made cushion to keep it safe: one option is this casing! :D It is available in other colors too!

Something really amazing about Happy2u.cc is that all the items are in READY STOCK so that you can get your new babies in a just a day or two! Feel free to check out their website for more products they are selling such as masks, accessories boxes, bags, fashion accessories, clothes, etc! I promise you will be fascinated! 

From now on, don't forget to add Happy2u.cc into your TO-SHOP list every time you begin your streak of online shopping!

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