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How Lucky changes my perspective towards dogs

You surely don't know how it feels like to be bitten by a dog; unless you had experienced it like I did. Yup, I was bitten by a bulldog, right on my buttock, when I was very young. It happened when I was returning home from my friend's house. (My friend's house is just a few houses away from mine) I remember I ran back to my house after visiting her. I was running without noticing that her bulldog was coming RIGHT AT ME. When I was in full conscience of the I'm-so-dead situation I was in, I ran even faster with frantic steps. Panicking terribly, my mind told me nothing else: KEEP RUNNING.

I did not have the time of luxury to turn my head and check how far away the dog was behind me. Without a warning, I suddenly felt a hard bite on my buttock. When it started to chase after me, I thought that it was only an act out of the playfulness of a dog desperate to play around with somebody...but little did anyone know this mad dog would simply attack a complete stranger who means completely no harm to it, or its master? My friend dashed out from her house and was stunned for a moment. When logical reflex came back to her mind she called my mum immediately and I was quickly sent to the clinic for a vaccine injection. A flood of hot tears gushed down my ashen-pale cheeks as an unbearable pain stings deeper into my arm. Since that unfortunate experience, I had this phobia called Cynophobia, which is a morbid fear of dogs.

You really can't imagine how afraid I am when I see strayed dogs in the streets all these years. I always fear of dogs, especially the huge ones will bite me again when I am clearly not doing anything to annoy them. When my family visits the pet shops, I will stay and wait for them outside the shop. No, I will not enter the shop although all the dogs are locked in their cubicle.

Two weeks ago, my brother asked my mum for the permission of keeping a puppy as his pet. His friend has too many puppies in his house and he decided to give one away - to my brother. Before my mum could utter a word in reply, I got so enraged and I immediately declared that NO, I DON'T WANT A PUPPY. (Although I find puppies are really adorable when I look at their photos lol)

I told my brother about the banes of having a dog. For example, we have to take good care of it, train the puppy so that it does not poop and pee everywhere, bath it weekly, save pocket money to buy dog food...and so much more. Basically, having a puppy is like having another family member, which also means that it will surely increase our expenses. I told the aforesaid word by word to parents and mummy agreed with me. She said it would burden her in every way if we are going to have a puppy. However, dad took a neutral stand. My brother is the kind of person who will never give up once he yearns for something and therefore, he insisted to take the puppy home and he actually managed to convince my mum in the end!!

On a hot afternoon, my brother's friend drove all the way to my house. In the car sat this little toy poodle, named Lucky. When he brought Lucky here, Lucky "behaved" really well, he did not bark at anyone of us, at all. However, it nearly drove me up the wall when my brother brought Lucky near me and I quickly shooed him away. I warned him to never bring Lucky near me again or else I will burn him (my brother, not Lucky LOL) into ashes lolol.

At that point of time, I honestly think Lucky looks really cute but I just wasn't dare to play with it. :( 

While I went to my room to blog, my brother secretly brought Lucky there. I screamed in utter shock when I turned and saw Lucky walking towards me! Guess what? Lucky was afraid too and I could see him shiver so badly when he heard me screaming!! Poor Lucky, I am so sorry that I frightened you! My brother scolded me for screaming at Lucky lolol but I really couldn't help it! He decided to scare me in the first place and he's scolding me for reacting :(


Lucky changed my perception towards dogs completely. He is not annoying at all; he doesn't bark, he doesn't bite my stuffs and most importantly he doesn't bite me lol. When you play with him, he will show his funny and sporty side. When you are busy with your own stuffs, he would just lie on his "bed" and watch you silently. Among all dogs, Lucky really stands out from the rest.

I don't know since when did I fall in love with this little poodle.


I am already used to seeing Lucky after waking up every day. He would wag his tail so joyfully as he see me coming down the stairs. Sometimes he would just run around me as if to be asking me for a dance. He would also jump so high up so that I could give him a high-five. I get used to calling his name every time I come back from school. It's like I really look forward to go home because I know Lucky would be by the door, wagging its tail, waiting for me to come home and call him by his name like I always do.

I remember Teddy once told me this when we were considering whether to keep Lucky or not: "You can own as many pets as you wish in your life but do remember that the dog has only one master for its entire life, and when you decide to adopt the dog, its master would be you." Having a pet is not a part-time job whereby you can leave it to its own anytime you like, it requires responsibility and a lifelong commitment. Nobody enjoys being abandoned, the same goes to dogs and any other animals in this world. If you don't have the time to take care of one, never adopt or buy a pet because I believe they have emotions too, just like human beings. Aren't we one of the many animals in this beautiful world? A pet can definitely feel it when it is being taken good care of, and being loved. I always wonder if dogs cry whenever they feel sad. Well, I think they do...


Lucky doesn't only change my perspective towards dogs but he somehow changed my life. I feel happy whenever Lucky is around me. I know even when the rest of the world leaves me alone, Lucky will still stay beside me. "Dogs are your loyal friends" - I totally agree with whoever said this. Happiness is that simple after all, isn't it?

Lucky is not only a pet, he is a loyal friend, a never-leaving companion which keeps me accompanied all the time. Thank you Lucky. Oh, and thank you brother for insisting to bring this angel home in the first place! (You have finally done something right hahahahaha, just joking. :P)

That's basically the story of how Lucky changed my life and perspective towards dogs! Now, it's your turn to tell me your story about you and your pet or feel free to give me any advice on how to take good care of a puppy! (Because it's my first time having a puppy as my pet)

Alright, here are more pictures of Lucky and me before I end this post! :)

Sleeping so soundly.

Lucky's sparkling, innocent eyes.



"I know even when the rest of the world leaves me alone, Lucky will still stay beside me."


  1. I have been take care many kind of pet such as turtle,fish,dog,frog,chicken,cat...etc.
    I really love my dog but i have nose problem i cant hug my dog(sad case).
    My dog always bite me but i still love he til max

  2. 'bitten by a bulldog at your buttock' << it rhymes! Previously, I was the coward who would cry & jump everywhere once I see those dogs running towards me with their wagging tail and worst of all intending to lick me but fortunately I'm no longer afraid of them now :D