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Irresistible moments at ESCAPE


Have you ever imagined yourself stuck in a remote island - far far away from civilization? Yes, now you are stranded and all alone, but things aren't at their worst - yet - as you find a survival kit half buried at the seashore, probably dropped by rescue teams on the regular just in case of necessity for survivors - like you.

You anxiously opened the bag, hoping for all the things you need to get you outta here. Unfortunately enough, the bag seems a little too light despite its size and as you opened it up: you see only one object carrying all your hopes of seeing tomorrow's sunrise.

The question is: what would you hope the object will be?

My answer would definitely be my mobile phone! Why would I choose my mobile phone out of all the other things in the world? Can anyone guess the answer? *winks*

I can literally escape from the world by ESCAPE.

If you didn't already know, Celcom has officially launched their new app named ESCAPE! It is available for download for FREE on your smartphones, tablets and desktop. So what ESCAPE is all about? Let me introduce you this app with a bit of trivia. :)

ESCAPE is your personal world of entertainment that you can take with you wherever you go. You can simply enjoy the best videos, movies, news, events and many more, all in one place! Exclusively for CELCOM users only!

This is how it looks like once you launch the app.
You would have to undergo a simple registration before you can fully access their service.

So...you wanted your phone just because you wanted to have access to this movie-video app..?
Heck yes! I'm a big fan of movies and it's not really an exaggeration to say that I CAN BARELY LIVE WITHOUT MOVIES. I always feel hyped to see new and exciting movie posters alongside the roads! Life can be so dull without movies, don't you agree? Hmm so whether I can make it back to civilization (from the island I was stranded in earlier) or not.....didn't really matter lah. As long as I have this app I think it's good enough to keep me alive otherwise......

Okay let's get BACK to the app :P

There is a list of popular and featured movies in ESCAPE! Feel free to choose whatever movies you want to watch!

Besides movies, there is a succession of videos and mini clips in ESCAPE!

To watch the movies, you would need a pass! If you are a movie junkie who can't live without movies, you should definitely purchase this pass which enables you to watch any movies whenever you want!

Why should I buy the pass? 
Believe it or not; ESCAPE has a complete movie library with a variety of movies ranging from Hollywood, Korean, Indonesian, Hindi to local movies! You name it, they have it. Apart from that, you can even watch live events, live news, concerts and TV series, all in your mobile device! ESCAPE has as many as 800 movies (maybe more!) to entertain you from only 80cents per hour! Let the hi-resolution images satiate your movie hunger anytime, anywhere. ;)

What are you waiting for? Download the app now for FREE on your mobile device! Don't forget to register yourself at www.ESCnow.com

*Available exclusively for Celcom users nationwide


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