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Komugi Cafe with two dolls

I always look forward to my date with both of these two pretty, adorable, generous, humorous and last but not least, vain girls HAHAHA. Well, say hello to Melissa and Lumi!! :D

Anyway, it's unbelievable that Melissa hasn't been to Komugi Cafe at Pavilion before. It's such a rarity for her because she used to be crowned as the "best food hunter" by Lumi and I! How can she miss this cafe huh!!! It's like a must-go cafe for people who love pastries, desserts and coffee!

So Lumi and I decided to bring her to discover the uniqueness of Komugi Cafe at Pavilion. We spent hell lot of time there, mostly on yak-yakking of course. That's what typical girls do when they hang out right? HAHA

Say hi to my dolls, Melissa and Lumi! ♥

Melissa's mushroom cream soup. Rather mild. The chef could have added more "essence" of mushroom in it to improve the taste. By the way, the dough is really, really hard to chew! Not sure if it's meant to be like that or what! Overall, this is not as good as what I thought. :(

 Melissa's Zahha Chocolate Cake! I only tried a bite but I could already feel the chocolate melting in my mouth! It was such a heavenly indulgence, I will definitely order one again next time!

Shrimp Croissant with Scrambled Eggs. Well, this was such a pretty satisfying brunch for me. Its portion seemed quite large for me as I couldn't finish it. Besides, I think the scrambled eggs are slightly buttery so it made me feel quite stuffed up after awhile.

Lumi's Omelette with Mushroom, also comes with french fries and salad. Well, I purposely text Lumi so that she can describe the taste of the dish to me and guess what? She described the Omelette as FLUFFY. HAHAHAHA. Anyway, she thinks it's quite a decent plate of meal. For those who loveeeeee Omelette and mushroom, try this out!

CIMG0060 (2)
Oh! We ordered Strawberry tea as our drinks but it is not something special that we could remember after drinking. I prefer ordering coffee in Komugi more btw!


Melissa complained that my hairstyles are always either straight or curly. Seriously,I didn't know how to play with my hair even though I know I can come up with a lot of different hairstyles with it. T_T So Melissa showed off her skills by doing various hairstyles on my hair. She is really talented!

With my perfect doll, Lumi~

CIMG0061 (2)
Lastly, a picture of myself in Mango while waiting for Melissa. :P

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