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Shine Bright in Number 76


I'm going to blog about my new hair color! Oh yeahh, I have something new to share with all of you again! *shake shake* You could have guessed it, I visited my favorite hair salon, Number 76 last Friday for the magic to happen - they never fail to enchant my hair with beautiful colours! Very much of appreciation goes to Steve from Mid Valley branch for accepting my appointment with him. Anyway, here's a kind reminder for those who wish to get any hair service from Number 76, remember to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT by calling them prior to your visit or you can even book your hairstylist ONLINE because most of the hairstylists may be tied to really tight schedules! (for example my hairstylist Steve, he is a "hot-item" in the salon ok) So to avoid disappointment, just mark your calendar and make an appointment with them once your appointment is approved! :D

I am always, always excited the night before I visit Number 76. I just can't wait to get pampered by their top-notch services and also witness the birth of my new hair color handled by the dexterous hands of the professional hairstylists! Honestly, I am addicted to dyeing my hair!!! :x

It's my first time visiting the Mid Valley branch of Number 76. To be honest, this outlet is really hard to locate because it's not even in Mid Valley Megamall, but it's located in the building opposite Mid Valley North Point. But you don't have to worry as there are information counters in the building, they'll help you find your way to the salon if you're not sure of the directions!

As I opened the door, I was welcomed by the warm greetings by the staffs in Japanese language. Then, I was ushered to take a seat and hot beverages were being offered in my own selection. Certainly, Japanese green tea is my choice! :)

Look at my annoying bangs oh my god.

One thing I love about Number 76 is that they provide you the LATEST edition of ViVi and Mina magazines!!

After a brief discussion with Steve of what the new colors should be, he started bleaching my hair!!

 I always wanted to look something different.

And only Number 76 can make me different. 

COLORFUL DIP-DYE!!! I am crazy about colors! Oh, I also tried their new Milbon treatment which is fast and effective. It is all thanks to this value-for-money treatment that you can notice that my hair is much smoother and shinier!

Big thanks to Steve and his assistant on setting up my hair curls! I can't fall any deeper in love with the outcome. The draft of the colors is quite similar to my Ocean Paradise highlights, just that this time, I asked for a twist of making them dip-dyed!!


Some vain pictures of myself and my never-dying obsession!!! Thank you Number 76, especially Steve and his kind assistant! 

Lastly, tell me what do you think of my new dip-dye!!!!!!