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Back from #Churpout2013

So I'm back from #Churpout2013!! First of all, I must say that I feel super lucky that I can be a part of this huge event organised by ChurpChurp. Words can't describe how elated I was when the ChurpChurp team sent me an invitation to join them as one of their "fashion icons" for #Churpout2013! It's really an honour to join ChurpChurp alongside other invited bloggers in #Churpout2013 this year!

As it's my first time participating as a fashion vendor, I was pretty excited the day before the event. When I opened my small wardrobe which is jammed up with clothes, I was like: "Ok, I'm gonna sell most of them off." My poor wardrobe doesn't have sufficient space to fit anymore new clothes and I'm too poor to buy myself a new wardrobe lol. So, letting go of my pre-loved clothes is the best way to earn some pocket money, and also to grant my mini little wardrobe some spaces for new clothes too.

I was quite happy after clearing off my pre-loved clothes because my wardrobe looks much neater and organised! Honestly, all the pre-loved clothes were still good in condition as I never really wore them more than twice. Some of them are even brand new!! Anyway, I hope they will find a new master who will take care and love them as much as I do hahaha!

Without further ado, I'll now start blogging about my day in #Churpout2013!!

My brother offered to help me this time (Dunno why he is so kind-hearted suddenly, bro, tell me what you want now loll JUST KIDDING) Anyway, I'm really glad that he helped to carry my heavy luggage that day! I really can't imagine carrying two traveling bags, my handbag and my pair of additional shoes ALL BY MYSELF. Damn, even if my muscles could manage, I would definitely look clumsier than ever lol.

Anyway, I met up with Melissa in my campus so that we can head to Setia City park together! Thank you Melissa and her boyfriend for fetching us there!! :D


It's already 10.30am when we reached our destination, and most of the tenants were already there to set up their stalls! And look at the cute and colorful bean bags!! Not only making the scene cuter, they actually served to replace chairs as well! :P

Melissa, Lumi and I combined our booths: we are just inseparable. LOLOLOL. No la, we thought that combining our booths is apparently better so that we can chit-chat and take pictures all the time haha!

Most of my sweaters were already sold out!!!  

Nothing is more than rm30 here and most of them are sold out earlier than expected!

Melissa's pre-loved bags and brand new shorts!! I think the shorts are still available so feel free to drop her a message if you are interested!! 

More affordable clothes.

Pocket-friendly accessories and tattoo stockings, at only rm5 and rm10 respectively! 

Super-love the doodles by baby Lumi~! 

You can also redeem your free goodie bag by signing in at their designated registration booth!!

How can any event do without food? There were also a few food stalls here to satiate your hunger! 


Hello girls! 



Thanks Anne for giving me this adorable Cony paper fan!! 

Dropped by Bobostephanie's booth for a short chat! :P 

With Brian See who was there to sell a variety of phone accessories! Many fans were there to take picture with him haha! :3 

With one of my favourite bloggers - Cheesie!! Love her so much because she is such a friendly and nice person!! 

With pretty Gyaru mama, fourfeetnine a.k.a Audrey! 

Thanks Stella and her family for coming to support too!!


Caught on camera. Was so busy setting up my stall and I barely had time to treat my tummy with nom-noms! T_T And at this moment of despair...*drum rolls* AUDREY (a.k.a fourfeetnine) OFFERED ME A PIECE OF FRIED CHICKEN!! *touched*

One of the most highly-anticipated events - LIVE showcase of the painting of the dress inspired by #HungerGames2!! My salute goes out to the gorgeous model - she has to bear the fiery waves given out by the blazing sun and still pose so professionally and elegantly...it even rained suddenly afterwards and they have to resort to finishing off the painting inside the mall.

It must be such a tough day for her and the team!

Iiwen came all the way back from Singapore to support us! I feel so gifted to be one of her lucky friends heh!

With my sweetie pie BaoEr who also came all the way from Ipoh to support us!! Love youuuuu! :*

With Joanne! Good luck in your SPM! ♥

Ahhh, I really miss the time we spent together!!


It was really an honour to join #Churpout2013 alongside so many renowned figures all over Malaysia, it's a rare chance I really thought I would hardly ever stand to experience! I have so much to say to thank ChurpChurp for this precious opportunity! It was such a valuable afternoon spent and I genuinely enjoyed every single second that ticked! (Although it started to drizzle at noon)



Oh, not to forget my really supportive readers! You may not have brought any of my pre-loved clothes home but still, thank you so much for dropping by to say "Hi" and take a photo with me! AND ALL THOSE SWEET COMPLIMENTS YOU ALL GAVE. I really can't forget how some of you praised me with some really flattering compliments - you girls really have no idea how it made my day. You are all gifts to my life, thanks for being with me all these while! Hope to see all of you again next year! ♥


  1. omg who bought that camo sweater ? MAJOR WANTS !!! so naise

  2. Jessica, where do you get this shirt?
    You're so kawai!!! Love you so much!