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Fly with EduFly!

Although Triumph In The Skies II has ended a long time ago, I am still living the spirit which the well-known Hong Kong drama has ignited in me . It was my favorite drama of all time and don't you think pilots have the coolest uniform in the world?

The drama kinda impacted me in many ways, and I could even memorize their script of the part where Captain Cool or Captain Tong was flying the plane. Their contagiously high spirits made them extremely favorable and popular amongst ladies, both young and old! I even had the urge to become a pilot or maybe a member of the cabin crew; their uniforms look so respectable and smart!

Still breathing the post-drama enthusiasm, I was really excited when I received the invitation from Nuffnang and EduFly last week to attend a very interesting airline training course in EduFly's office! A big Thank You goes to EduFly for granting me this opportunity to explore more about the airlines training course!!

Before I start blogging about the activities I had alongside some fellow bloggers in EduFly last Friday, allow me to begin with a little anecdote about what EduFly is all about? :D

Ever thought of enlisting in the cabin crew?!
EduFly is a private institution and the only independent non-airline owned training centre in Malaysia that provides a full-fledged Cabin Crew training course. EduFly Aviation Academy has been established with a specific purpose to meet the increasing demand for trained professionals for a career in the Airline Industry. Their vision is to be the leading Aviation Training provider in producing professionals to meet Airline personnel demands. EduFly Managing Director Yap Keong Foon states that Edufly’s educational module is based on professionalism, innovation and practicality to nurture students into becoming excellent airline personnel. 
An interesting get-to-know-about-EduFly bloggers event was held last Friday in EduFly's office which is located in Wisma Naza. I feel very honored to be invited as one of the bloggers to be granted the rare chance of discovering more about airline service training programme!! I WAITED FOR THIS CHANCE FOR SO LONG AND THERE, wish granted!!! I was 5 minutes late when I reached the place because I had to rush there from school. Not forgetting to mention, the traffic congestion really drove me nuts! Fortunately, Jane told me that I did not miss anything important when I reached because they just started around 10 minutes by the time I reached there!

So when I reached, everyone was already seated in a round table and guess what? It's time for the makeup and grooming session!

Urgh, I'm not sure whether I would enjoy this session or not because I am not good in doing makeup lol. I mean, I am not a person who fancies heavy makeup (as always), and bloggers are actually required to do HEAVY makeup during this makeup session.

I was like um...okay but where should I start?!

But hey! I don't really have to worry for not being an expert at applying make up because we have experts who actually guided or did the makeup for those who need help (obviously I am the one who needs the most help la hahahaha)

Yadah's makeup pouch which belongs to Ashley, and the 3CE pouch which contains the least makeup products......which obviously belongs to me lolll.


Ok la, apparently I am not the only one who needs help so I am not alone lolol. 

Felt so lost at the moment. So, I seized the opportunity to take pictures of myself and other bloggers! :B

Okay it's my turn!! They suggested me to do the "Smoky-eyes makeup". I am just wondering, why do all makeup artists like to make my eyes "smoky" huh??

Taadaa!!! I just think that I look utterly different with heavy makeup haha!! But I must thank the makeup artist for spending her time on putting this makeup on me hehe. :D

She is one of the leading air stewardesses in Airasia and she is actually a mother of two kids but doesn't she still look so gorgeous?

With the flawless Janeeee!

With Ellie and Fishie!

Check out this signature "air-stewardess" hairstyle!! Isn't it cool? :P




The environment is really cozy with a fanciful design! 

If you have a dream, go get it!!

After we took pictures of the environment, we were invited to discover the modern facilities they provide for students!


One of the trainees demonstrating the right way to use the life jacket!





I actually removed the makeup after awhile because my eyes were itching. x.x

We also got to know all the basic necessities available in a plane!

Hooomaiiigosh! The cap is too cool!! When I got it, I was like CALL ME CAPTAIN CHAW PLEASEEEEE. Unfortunately, it is too big for me! :(

Heeeyaaaa! I'm gonna be the coolest aviator on earth HAHAHA

With Barbie Daphne!

With babe Ashley!


Jane and Daphne were on their "training" to become a professional air-stewardess haha!


EduFly wishes to be renowned of its proposed guiding motto ' If You Have A Dream, Go Get it!' 

So, do you dream of joining the Cabin Crew? Attended a lot of interviews and got rejected? Paid for expensive preparatory course fees but still having bad results?

Well, then I think you should definitely go for EDUFLY because they don't only train you for your interview but for the job as well!

At EduFly, we guarantee your success to become a part of the most prestigious career in the aviation world.
Come join us and “Dare to Dream”.

Q: What are some of the programmes in the course? 
A: The academy provides regulatory and non-regulatory subjects and training. Regulatory training includes safety emergency response procedures, first aid, crew resource management and handling acts by disruptive passengers while non-regulatory training includes personal etiquette and body language, communication skills, interpersonal skills, cabin familiarisation, food and beverage, stress management, customer service excellence as well as language courses.

Q: How long does it take to complete the course? 
A: These professional courses require only two months of training compared to other training academies that might take a longer time.

Q: Is it guaranteed that I will get a job after taking the course?
A: EduFly will try their best and prove to the local airlines that the students graduating from the academy possess the best qualities. However, Edufly will convert the course fees to scholarship for students who are not able to get a job as cabin crew within three months.

Q: What are the minimum requirements to join the cabin crew?  
  • Age 18 and above 
  • Min height: 157cm (Female) ; 165cm (Male) 
  • Min Education Level: High School Level (SPM/STPM or others) 
  • English Language Proficiency & other language is an added advantage 
  • Good eyesight 
  • Pleasant disposition & great personality 
  • Good health 
  • Customer Service Oriented

Anyway, I'm bringing you a piece of good news where you can:

Stand a chance to win a free One-Day-Journey, as EduFly brings you into A Day in the Life of a Cabin Crew

Here's how!  
2) Leave them a comment in their Fb Page
“Thank you Jessica Chaw and Edufly, I deserve to be a cabin crew because…”

They will choose ONE lucky reader from my blog and give you and one of your friends a whole day free workshop worth RM588 & above.  ** Winner will be chosen based on their creativity & their potential.
 With fellow bloggers who were invited to join the workshop! 

 Thank you each and everyone from the great EduFly's team!!! :D 

My sincerest gratitude goes out to EduFly for the wonderful one-day-journey!!!!

Who's ready to fly with EduFly now?

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