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I'll be there!!

Oh hi guys!!!! I'm so happy that my Unifi is finally back in service today. I didn't know why the connection was suddenly down and it just stopped working for 2 days. Daddy called up the customer service department the moment the connection is down but it was only this morning that they're here to fix things. I swear life without Unifi is really miserable: I couldn't get my assignments and online tests done at home; I was forced to do everything with the computers provided in my campus. Not forgetting to mention, I felt terribly guilty for not updating my blog!

Anyway, I'm gonna share something very interesting with you guys!

If you are a registered user under Nuffnang / ChurpChurp, you would probably have heard about #ChurpOut right? I can still remember very clearly about #ChurpOut2012 which was held in Publika and that was one of the most awesome events that I have attended!

What is #ChurpOut all about?
#ChurpOuts are typically small community events for ChurpChurp members (or 'Churpers') 

You will find music, dance, food, art, fashion and games in the #ChurpOut this year, and the best of all – proceeds from #ChurpOut2013 will go to selected NGO partners. The awesomeness doesn't just stop here as you can also meet your favorite fashion bloggers at #ChurpOut!!!!

Who'll be there? 

YESH. I feel so lucky to be a part of the "fashion icons" team that day!! :) I am really looking forward to seeing you that day! Unleash your inner shopaholic and raid the wardrobe of your favorite fashion icons in #ChurpOut! Besides, you also get to mingle with your favorite bloggers: ME, Melissa1010, Lumi, Cheeserland, Fourfeetnine, HuiWen, BoboStephanie, Brian See and others!

What will I be doing there?
SAY HI TO YOU LA. Haha, I'm super excited to meet new people and my blog readers that day! Do drop by and say hi to me hehe!! Anyway, I will be selling more than 30 pieces of my pre-loved clothes (everything is still in extremely good condition) in very affordable prices~

Here are some sneak peek for you hoho!

Letting go all my darlings to their new masters! Will you be theirs? ^_^

Here are my collection of dresses which will be sold as low as RM35!

Sweaters in super good condition as I never wore them more than twice lolol. 

I'll be also selling these awesome leggings, skirts and shorts!! :D

Bad news is there's only one piece for each and every design...but that's exactly what makes them unique, right? ;) You're strongly advised to come as early as possible so that you won't miss out the chance of grabbing something you like right out of my wardrobe!! :P


Setia City Mall 
No. 7, Persiaran Setia Dagang,
 Bandar Setia Alam Seksyen U13, 
40170 Shah Alam, Selangor.

For more information, log on to their official website http://www.churpout.com/ to discover more!! :) 

Ah yes, do comment on my blog post to tell me if you are going!!! See you there! ♥


  1. me me. im going tmr! hope i am not too shy to take a pic with u n lumi ><

  2. hi , jessica. what time you will be there ? hahhahha

  3. @Suquan: Don't be shy babe!!!
    @Joan: I'll be there since 11am until maybe 5pm!

  4. I'll be there! :D can I take a picture with u? :)

  5. I'll be there! :D can I take a picture with u there? :)