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Modeling is not easy.

I always thought that being a model is easy. I mean, their life seems so glamorous and enjoyable to me. They get to put on a super wide range of garments (it's my dream!), are always ones who are spearheading the latest fashion trend, experimenting the coolest makeup, sitting through free yet impressive hairstyling sessions - catered to each of their whim by an attentive manager.  All they need to do is to strike poses and present the best of themselves before the camera, and that generally wraps up their jobscope already.

I always wanted to become a model because I enjoy presenting myself: be it in front of the camera, or in front of a crowd. But sadly, that doesn't necessarily mean that I have high confidence in myself... I'll still get panic attacks sometimes, thanks to my nervousness which always seems so reluctant to be suppressed, haha!

Anyway, after joining the Asia Muse Search, I began to realize that the life of a model is NOT EASY. It is often, in fact, far less glamorous than they may appear to be. We would never really know how much effort they have paid in order to secure their position in the modeling industry, what kind of challenges they may have gone through just to be who they are today. The irony? Their hard work has never been an "interesting subject" in the people's eyes. What they tend to see is only the success of that famous model; but never the way she holds onto the thinnest thread of hope, the way she braved through the hell which would have made anyone else with an ounce less of strength to give up. The people only admire the lights a model is showered, the brands she have but a mediocre could never afford...  Who really gives a damn about the days the model is still a unrecognizable dreamer, just another-someone, a nobody in the streets? Who would pay their salutes to the valiant efforts so laudably paid by those weary shoulders, before she finds her way to success?

Yes, modeling might sound easy but it actually isn't! I have had this experience during the Asia Muse Search. The competition didn't only make me realize how much sacrifice a model has to make behind the stage, but also how models have to stay on the peak of their performance no matter how knackered they are.

I recently carried out a mini photoshoot for my online boutique @bunnykisses_ in my room. Not only I have to get my makeup and hairstyle done by myself, I also had to prepare all the props for shooting (Camera, tripod stand, clothes, shoes...) Luckily, Teddy and my brother were there to help me out! It was pretty fun at first but I was already worn-out in the middle of the shoot, after changing several outfits. For a moment, my limbs refuse to carry my weighty self. Before the shoot, I really didn't see the tiresome part coming my way, not at all!! It's pretty ridiculous that I actually get tired due to some really simple work - styling up myself with 17 different outfits and strike 1634613562 poses LOL. It took me a total of 2 hours to get my shooting done.

Luckily the weariness did not bog me down! I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome actually, at least I turned out looking lively, the grogginess in me concealed itself well enough. *feeling victorious*

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