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My All-time Favorite Food at Matsuba, Taylor's

You know what my friends in college name me? The Sushi Queen.

It's pretty obvious that I am a sushi lover. Oh god, how can people resist sushi right? If I am to be forced to eat only ONE kind of food in this world, my choice would definitely (and obviously) be sushi!!!

All my friends in college told me that I'm totally qualified to live in Japan already haha! In fact, I hope I can really travel to Japan someday as I know only traveling will give me new insights of the Japanese's culture, food, fashion, etc. *Someone bring me to Japan right now please*

Okay, here am I, reluctantly crawling back to the reality. 

Anyway, I already feel grateful enough because there's actually a Japanese restaurant named Matsuba in my campus!! Sounds awesome huh? I only discovered its existence after my friends' introduction a few weeks after my orientation. I got sooooo delirious and happy that I took a pledge to have Japanese food every day lolol (just joking anyway) :P

Matsuba may be humbly sized as compared to its counterparts but you should never underestimate the quality of the food they serve!!! A picture is worth a thousand words so...are you ready for some drool inducing photos? :P

Nigiri Sushi Set which costs about only RM12 if I'm not mistaken.

Curry Tonkatsu set which costs not more than RM15!

Chicken Teriyaki and Sashimi set! This is soooooo filling and tasty! 

Tempura and Nigiri Sushi Set. The Tempura was so crispy and light (relatively less greasy), I personally love the Shrimp Tempura the most! *yums*

Salmon and Chicken Karaage Set. Salmon = Happiness ♥

The cooking is generally quite good and satisfying. Besides, the menu embraces a wide range of goodies: Sashimi, Udon and Ramen, Nigiri Sushi, Bento, Appetizers like Edamame, Chuka Lidako, etc, and also lunch sets. The best thing about the lunch sets is the reasonable price as all the lunch sets are less than RM20! I think it's quite affordable for university students like us. Anyway, some of the sets include a cup of refillable green tea. Sounds awesome right? 

If you happen to visit Taylor's Lakeside Campus, do drop by Matsuba for a satisfying Japanese cuisine which does not burn a hole in your pocket! :P 

*Anyway, this is not an advertorial lolol but Matsuba is such a lovely place that I would love to share with all of you! Lastly, hope you enjoyed reading!*

Matsuba Japanese Restaurant
LG 01-10, The Boardwalk,
Taylor's University,
No. 1, Jalan Taylor's,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: +603-56122154

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