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10 Ways To Style A Cropped Sweater

Hello my stylish bunnies! ♥

Sweaters are one of my favorite gears for fashion! One thing I love very much about sweaters is their versatility. It is very easy to come up with interesting combinations by creating some layers or complementing them with different kinds of garments. For example, you can match it with a pair of skinny jeans, a flared mini skirt, a tight mini skirt, leggings and the possibilities never ends!

So today I'm gonna share a few fashion tips on how to mix and match a cropped sweater! Yes, I will be sharing TEN WAYS on how to style up the same piece of cropped sweater! Woohoo, let's get started! :D

1) Short Skirt



It's not a flared skirt but a short-skirt. As the sweater is simple and plain, I would recommend you to wear bottoms with fun patterns for an extra kick to your coordinate! Now, you must be asking: Why would you wear a pair of sneaker wedges instead of a lovelier pair of heels when it comes to wearing short-skirts? Well bunnies, it's time to break the rules and put on your sneaker wedges for a funkier and cuter look! When it comes to fashion, it is actually an endless journey for us to learn and discover what we like, not dwell in our comfort zones - it would be so boring if we do! :D

2) Flared Mini Skirt



Next up, another wise choice to make is to pair a piece of flared mini skirt in houndstooth patterns to match my simple sweater! You should never worry about getting yourself a plain cropped sweater as you can simply match it with all sorts of skirts! If houndstooth prints are not your cup of tea, try out denim skater skirt instead! ;) 

3) High-waisted shorts



Woohoo! I'm such a big fan of high-waisted shorts because they help to create an illusion of lengthened legs! High-waisted shorts are definitely one of the highly valuable fashion gems in my closet. What's more, it's super easy to come up with plenty of ways to match with high-waisted shorts. One of the examples is by just wearing a cropped sweater, as shown above!

4) Dungarees 



Put your hands up if you are a fan of dungarees!! Dungarees are now back on the fashion trend, from high-street fashion to casual wear. One of the easiest ways to mix and match with dungarees is by wearing a simple long-sleeved tee or sweater underneath. A trusty pair of heels will surely help to elongate your legs and complete your high-street fashion appearance. But if you would like to stick with casual-dressing, just put on a pair of sneakers, flats or some kind of Roman shoes I wore! :P 

5) Slim Fit Shorts



I absolutely love this piece of checkered high-waisted-slim-fit pants from Summerlace! I also love how it makes my legs appear longer!! :D

6) Underneath a sleeveless dress



Yeehaw! Let's mess around with some layering techniques now! Surely enough, the dress already looks gorgeous with its own but some of us might feel that it's too skin-revealing. So, if your aim is to create an adorable and cute look, what is the reason to not try this technique by layering a sweater underneath your dress?

7) Over a sleeveless dress



Another simple layering technique can be applied by wearing a cropped sweater or perhaps an over-sized sweater over a dress! It will create an illusion as if you are wearing a cropped top with a pair of skirt. Try this out!

8) Collared blouse underneath sweater



This is surely one of my favorite looks among all. One way to quickly transform a plain sweater is to add a collar to accessorize it. Don't worry if you don't have a fake collar in your stash, you can always improvise by wearing a sleeveless-collared blouse underneath your sweater!

9) Tight Mini Skirt



If you think your sweater is a little too over-sized, wear a tight mini skirt to re-balance your body proportion! Again, in order to make your legs appear longer, wear a pair of gorgeous high heels! However, you can also choose to wear a pair of high-top sneakers as an outfit for a day in college! :) 

10) Leggings



Be daring, be bold!! The balance between tight leggings and the cropped sweater makes for a great contrast. Leggings in darker tones can also effortlessly accent your legs, thus making it appear longer and slimmer!! Oh, of course, a pair of boots can enhance the effect by a great margin.

Fashion is not defined by the number of garments you have in your closet; but is how you play around, mix and match, layer garments over garments, and express yourself with a few pieces, but various styles!!

So that's about it!! Now you can create multiple looks with only ONE sweater. Fashion is freedom. As soon as you discover your own fashion style, embrace it with boldness!

Hope you enjoyed this blog entry which took me a good 2 hours to complete. Thank you for reading! ♥

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