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Baci Italian Cafe, Citta Mall.

Since sometime ago, there have been an increasing lot of restaurants which focus on providing not only yummy meals, but also specialized delicacies. What do I mean by that? Well, when I mention Dip and Dip, what does it remind you of? Yes, chocolate of course. What about My Burger Lab? Yeap, it's clearly burger! The era of existence of restaurants catering to a general genre of foods is slowly passing us by, and specialized chains are quickly taking over.

Now isn't that a good news? It simply means that the journey of Foodie Thursday is never-ending! Yayay!

In this week's Foodie Thursday, the Foodie Gang has decided to visit Baci Italian Cafe which is located in Citta Mall! Baci simply means kisses, in Italian.

Just the usual routine~ *flips hair and chik-chak!*

Simplicity can be such a beauty, no?

Upon direct contact with my eyes... I FEEL I MUST SNAP A LOT OF PHOTOS HERE. The interior is so skillfully designed! It really feels amazing to witness top-notch art produced at such a large scale.

Tranquility, comfort, relaxation...filled to the brim. I personally like the wall very much!

Let's take a look at the lista delle vivande~ (which means list of food in Italian :P)

Always enjoyed taking photos of the fridge. Don't we all love fridges? :P (Um, to be more specific: the food in the fridge lol)

It must feel great to work here: everything here is so pleasing to the eyes. Look at the sign boards! My eyes were already fed so well before my stomach took its turn hahaha!


The font is just so creative. I wonder whether it's hard for them to find an artsy person to write all these!

Anytime is selfies time. *high 5 bunnies*

Selfie again.

And again. Like there's no tomorrow.

And whee! Food appeared before me!! My selca magic worked! *wink wink*

"Hai, my name is Chicken and Mushroom Pie. It's a pleasure seeing you :)"

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you might have realized that I enjoy creamy nomnoms very much, and this pie is way beyond satisfactory! With a tsunami of creaminess inside, it's difficult to not enjoy this well-cooked Chicken and Mushroom Pie. To be really picky...it's a little too salty. But the rest is all good! :D

Elaine's Regular salad with Smoked Salmon and Eggs. From its appealing look, this dish is already tasty for me! Wonder how it really tastes like :p

Coey's Quarter Chicken. Yes that's what Mr. Lista Delle Vivande said LOL! With a part of it washed over with pasta sauce, another part remained with it's original flavor. One dish + two tastes = Fantastic.

And that's about it! Will definitely return for more tryouts. But before the address comes in like the usual, here's something I found from their website...

Baci Menifesto Life is simple and beautiful. 
Be grateful for what you have. 
Want little. 
How to be happy? 
Find something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. 
Even little things count. 
A strong hot coffee and sweet biscuit will help start the day right. 
When the sun shines, be happy for the light. 
When it rains, be happy for the earth. 
Love and respect the people around you. 
Be kind to yourself. 
If it’s time to eat, enjoy every bite. 
If it’s time to work, enjoy every effort. 
Every single moment of life is precious, so be there in the moment. 
Your presence is beautiful. 
- Love and kisses, from Baci.

Lot G47, Ground Floor, Citta Mall
No.1, Jalan PJU 1A/48, Ara Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

 With that, goodbye bunnies! Gonna hop off~ Enjoy your weekend hehe

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