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Big Chomp Burger, SS15

Hello my hungry bunnies! Welcome to another Foodie Thursday!!

As I promised, I would be recommending new restaurants every Thursday (beginning from last week) to attract more hungry bunnies out there to my blog. I am no longer just a fashion and lifestyle blogger now as I'm gradually *eh-hem* trying to upgrade myself to a multi-genre blogger. *giggles*

Oh let me introduce myself anyway.

I am Jessica, a fashion, lifestyle and also a newbie food blogger whee!

Oh by the way, I actually started sharing restaurants from different cuisines since I started blogging, it's just that I did not feed my hungry bunnies as consistently as I'm trying to. (FYI, hungry bunnies refer to my food-loving readers la haha)

You might probably have been to My Burger Lab, Crayon Burger, Fat Boy Burger, etc but have you discovered Big Chomp burger yet? :D

Located in a strategic location (SS15) surrounded by colleges, it's with no doubt that Big Chomp Burger has all it takes to attract a lot of college students, especially during lunch time ever since its opening! Big Chomp Burger can actually be easily spotted due to its attractive exteriors which is painted in red. I am sure that everyone who passed by the restaurant will not miss a glimpse of its intimidating structure!

Welcome aboard to Big Chomp Burger!

Such a lovely corner which will sure make the girls go "awwww". I was one of them HAHA 

I absolutely love the decorations in the restaurant which emanates a cozy and relaxing ambiance! 

So this is their secret behind their special burgers! 

In Big Chomp Burger, they practice the "self-service" concept. You would have to make your order at the counter and collect your freshly-made burger when it's done :) 


THE BEAST, rm14. Ordered by the Ms.Beef, Coey. According to her, the beef patty is grilled to absolute perfection. The awesomeness already comes surging into your mouth from the very first bite! 

Oh ya, you were given the option to choose the type of bun you fancy. All of us chose the signature Charcoal bun! 

 FLOSSY CHICK, rm13. I was so amazed by the size of the burger. It's H.U.G.E (for me, at least) Anyway, since I don't take beef, I opted for this Flossy Chick which comes with a piece of huge and juicy grilled chicken (really, really juicy!!!), cheese and egg rolled with chicken floss. 

It definitely worth the price!!! 

Lastly, here comes Elaine's HAWAII STYLE burger, priced rm15. It's a combination of deep fried chicken, grilled pineapple and Parmesan egg! I'm really curious how does the grilled pineapple taste like lolol. Elaine could not stop praising the taste of the burger as she chomps down the delicacy bite by bite! (Sorry for the blurry picture anyway!) 

Selca before food comes. The usual~

Selca when food comes. The usual~

Selca again after finishing our food. Still the usual~

YAY, you may call me the Queen of Selca now, you're welcome. 

Anyway, if you are craving for a fantastic "burger time" with your foodie gang, why not head down to Big Chomp Burger and give them a shot? :D 

Big Chomp Burger
No.39, Jalan SS15/8A,
Subang Jaya, 47500,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,

Business hours:

Mon - Fri11:00 - 23:00
Sat - Sun12:00 - 00:00

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