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Fish & Co, Pavilion

What comes into your mind when you come across the name "Fish & Co"?

As I asked my friend, Natalie this question, she gave me a prompt response: "Is it a restaurant which only serves fish?" lolol

No, Fish & Co. isn't only about fishes as you get to also enjoy the freshest seafood in town!

Using only the freshest fish and seafood, as well as natural ingredients like olive oil, herbs and various spices; Fish & Co. dishes up great tasting meals in generous portions - as a mark of quality and value. - http://www.fish-co.com/

My friends, Natalie, Charmayne, Cassy, Jwoyin and I decided to dine in Fish & Co. to celebrate Charmayne's 18th birthday last night!

All the dishes we ordered that night came in really generous portions which gratifyingly satiated our hunger! The ambiance of the interior is pretty warm and relaxing. Perhaps it's due to the interior which is designed with fair usage of orange, yellow and blue colors in vivid tones. It effortlessly created a cheery environment for customers to fully enjoy digging in a superb meal with their friends and family!

The experience of having our meal served in a pan felt really unique! They call it the Mediterranean style, which was actually inspired by the South African fishermen who catch fishes from the sea, then cook them immediately in a pan.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the scrumptious dishes we had last night!! :) 

The Best Fish and Chip in Town.
 Coated with a light and crispy batter, this "freshy fishy" is topped with their signature lemon butter sauce.

Swiss Fish and Chips with tasty Swiss cheese topped with garlic lemon butter sauce.
I shared this with Cassy and we saw eye to eye that it was nice! The deep-fried fish fillet was not too dry, tender and lightly succulent. The dish is definitely a seducing date for both our palates!

Seafood spaghetti. (About rm20, if I have not mistaken)
The price is quite reasonable for a plate of seafood spaghetti! (usually, they cost more than rm30!) This is a plate of seafood medley which comes with prawns, calamari and mussels with spaghetti in pesto and tomato coulis sauce. Needless to mention, their fish fillets were great; however this plate of spaghetti turned us down a little. For us, it wasn't richly-tasting enough and we had to add more salt to reel in more excitement for the tongues. :( 

Aglio Olio with Clams. 
It looked pretty appetizing but the chefs could have added more spices or herbs to, once again, make the dish richer in taste.

Seafood platter for two. (Around rm60)
Come with grilled prawns, white fish, fried calamari and blue mussels in garlic lemon butter sauce, served with paella rice and chips. This was really palatable and the portion is really huge enough for sharing. This is highly-recommended for seafood lovers! :D

   IMG_2018 A group picture with my girls! Thanks for the lovely night! ♥

Of course, a photo with the birthday girl, Charmayne! Hope you enjoyed the dinner, and like the birthday presents. :P

Alright, that's all for this post! Thank you for reading! ♥

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