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New hair color: Ash Brown

Hello!! Here's a blog update about my new hair color, which was dyed just yesterday! Jessica Chaw has finally stopped dyeing her hair with crazy bright colors!! (well, maybe just for the moment). At the beginning, I was stuck in a sticky dilemma before I could decide on what my new hair color is going to be. I was hesitating whether I should get the dip-dyed part of my hair trimmed off. One part of me was so reluctant to bid adieu to my beautiful ombré colors; but another part of me was contemplating whether it should be trimmed it off because the part is, sadly, irreversibly damaged.

Well, actually no matter which hair salon you go to, bleaches will surely damage your hair. However, the significant role of your hairstylist is irrefutable in minimizing the damage done to your hair, as it is the hairstylist's profession to make sure that every step taken is done correctly and carefully.

I think I've dyed my hair with too much of bright colors since May or June.

Can anyone still remember the appearance of my hair with strands of PINK highlights? Yeah, I miss that.

How about my first try of highlighting my hair with a combination of purple, blue, turquoise and pink? Yea, I miss that pretty much too.

And I'm quite sure that most of you can remember my previous ombré fusion of colours, which I requested the hairstylist to dip-dye my favorite pink, purple and blue? I miss my dip-dyes painfully. :(

Dyeing your hair can be really addictive.

Because you want to try more, more and more, and there's simply no end to it. Once you have beautiful colors on your hair, you will never want to let go of them. You will never be willing to revert your hair color into black anymore. As much as I love my dip-dye, it is impossible for me to overlook the fact that the dip-dyed section of my hair has literally died. Even though I wished to preserve them by giving them some touch-ups, my hairstylist said that the new coat of colors will fade even faster, maybe in an estimated duration of 3 DAYS! I have also noticed that my hair has a lot of split ends.

So what is the point of keeping the dip-dyed part anymore, when it is already damaged to that extent?

I'm already tired of waking up to see the colors fade day by day. Hence, I finally made a decision to cut my ombré part off!! This time, I visited The One Hair Studio for the anticipated transformation. As the razor-sharp scissors danced around my hair, I couldn't help but feel sad because I always wanted to keep my hair until it reaches my waist! Knowing that the addiction to dyeing my hair will never come off me, my hairstylist suggested to dye my hair into ash brown with a slight tinge of grey. And guess what? He said that I can have the hair color without needing to bleach my hair and at the point, I was extremely excited to see how my new hair color is going to be like!! :D

For your information, my hairstylist dyed my hair using L'oreal INOA Colors! I never knew the advantages of INOA until my friendly hairstylist explained them one by one. INOA is actually the latest innovation of hair dye which uses the ODS technology (Oil-delivery system) that maximizes the effectiveness of the coloration system and helps respect the naturally protective outer layer of your hair! INOA colors have no odor and does not consist of ammonia! Besides, it is also designed to ensure that your hair is softer and shinier even before hair-coloring. And the best part is - the colors are long-lasting!!! *yayyyy*

OK Let's take a look at my new hair color now!! :D










Top from Topshop and Skirt from gmdcat.com :)

I'm really satisfied with my new hair color and most importantly, my current hair length!!! I love it much more than the longer hair length I previously had.

Now, it's your time to give me your opinions!! ^_^

By the way, if you are interested for quality hair service, do drop by The One Hair Studio in any day of the week except for Monday. DON'T FORGET to quote my name to get 10% discount for any hair service!!! :D Anyway, if you are on the lookout for an effective hair treatment, do not hesitate to try The One's renowned Steam Pod treatment, which would only cost around rm250! 

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