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Welcome to my life, Dayre

Hello bunnies!! I recently downloaded an app named Dayre in my iPhone and I'm pretty addicted to it! Thank you Fourfeetnine for recommending this app haha! My friends have also been asking me: "What's so fun about Dayre?" I couldn't explain why but it is so addictive: it's not even an immersive game like Temple Run nor Candy Crush.

I'm not so sure when is Dayre created, probably during October. But one thing I am sure of is that Dayre is quickly hiking up the charts since it was published - it has been gaining so many downloads within only a few weeks! Feeling skeptical of what I said? Go to app store right now and check out the Top Charts, that's where I can prove my statement haha!

Anyway, some of you might be wondering: What is Dayre exactly about?

Well, it's an app which allows you to blog on your mobile device. I would say it's pretty much like a combination of Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare and also Blogger. Basically, Dayre allows you to document every moment of your daily life in Dayre. I don't know why but I just love updating the snippets of my life in Dayre. I feel it's more like a personal diary for me, just that this diary is open for people who are interested to know what I am up to every moment.

Another brilliant concept of Dayre is that all your posts will merge into only ONE ENTRY no matter how many times you update your Dayre in a day. With that, your followers will not get annoyed even though you spam Dayre every second lolol!

I love how Dayre puts everything in such an organized way. It made Dayre all the more user-friendly!

Anyway, this is my profile! Followed Fourfeetnine and Xiaxue immediately after I downloaded the app! Did I tell you that they are my all-time favorite bloggers? It totally made my day when Audrey followed me in Dayre!

You get to check out instant updates of the people you follow in the "feed" section. Besides, you can also interact with them by leaving a comment under their post!

This pic shows how your post is gonna be like!


Not forgetting to mention, Dayre has lots of adorable stickers!! Couldn't find a suitable word to describe your feelings? Then let the stickers tell your stories! 


Come join me in Dayre now if you are interested to know more about my life lolol.

Alright, that's all about Dayre! Hope to see you guys there!  ♥ 

Ending this post with some pictures I've taken today. 


Had a wholesome breakfast with brother in Plan B, Bangsar Village I today. Damn, their breakfast is definitely something to die for!

Eggs Royale - Poached eggs and smoked salmon are such a perfect combination. ♥

Outfit of the day.
Top and bottom frop Topshop / Shoes from WanderPeeps / Wallet from Prada

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  1. Such a cool outfit! Love your style and I'll have to download the app xx

    Have a lovely day,