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What I think about blogging


Hello bunnies!!! I can finally have some spare time to blog now because I am finally done with all my assignments! *hooray*

It has been a really tough week for me. All the assignment deadlines are set within this week so I had to make sure everything is completed nicely one or two days prior to the deadlines. It feels more comfortable for me: I really dislike the idea of getting my work done at the eleventh hour. However, people always say: "If it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would have been done." 

Somehow, it's true but to me it only applies to some people.

Anyway, I'm really glad that most of the assignments have been completed already. I still have one more group assignment yet to be completed, which is the video editing for the short film I've mentioned in the previous blog post. I've come to realise that the process of producing a film is really tough, especially the part where video editing comes into play. I have literally no experience in editing a film but I'm glad that my group members helped me out in a lot of ways. Much credit and thanks to Elaine and Coey!!

So what's next after all the bloody assignments? Holiday? A short break? Well, apparently we will be having a short STUDY-break next week so that we can prepare for the upcoming final examination. We will only get to enjoy our semester-break after finals. T_T

By the way, if you are following my Dayre, you would probably know that I have gotten myself a MacBook Air which I have been yearning for since years ago!! I swear, my life has become so much easier with the existence of the Macbook; and my family will never have to frown upon hearing the "See, this stupid laptop is lagging again!" hahahaha

I actually wanted to buy a Macbook for quite some time already. But back then, I didn't have enough money to buy one on my own. I refrained from spending heavily on buying clothes right from the beginning of the year, and that is simply because I'm striving to get my dream laptop! And I actually started saving money since last year lolol!! *Sounding really desperate here* All thanks to blogging, the side income I accumulated did help a lot in reeling this dream into the realms of reality. But most of all, I wish to send my heartfelt thanks to you who are reading my blog now! Words can't describe how thankful I am to have my readers (yes, YOU!!) who support me all this while!


And all because of blogging, I received a few messages from some new bloggers / readers who asked me the often repeated question, which is "How did you get famous and how do you earn from blogging?"

First of all, I really do not consider myself as a famous blogger!

Secondly, I personally think that it will actually get you nowhere if you start a blog ONLY because you want to earn money from it.

Dear all, blogging is not only about earning money, getting sponsorship, media invites and stuffs like that. How I personally perceive the idea of blogging is that it is all about sharing your passion and interest with the ones who care, for example, your friends, your family, or your readers. However, generating an income from blogging shall never be prioritised as the primary aim: income potential only serves as an additional benefit for serious bloggers.

However, not every blogger started blogging due to pure interest. Some people actually started a blog in pursue of money and fame. Many always wish they can earn a living through blogging: to them, blogging sounds so much like a tool which generates income easily. Professional blogging always seems like a flexible job, whereby the blogger can blog about any topic at anytime they favor. Basically, there is no specific “working hours” for professional bloggers, as they only have their own deadlines to meet, which are set by themselves. Furthermore, the sound of blogging-benefits seems to be too good to be true when people realize that they can actually make money from blogging.
In fact, blogging is actually not as easy as what most of the people believe. We have to be honest to ourselves, money comes in no easy way. We all know Rome was not built in a day, and similarly, getting your blog established is never an easy task. Creating a blog is easy, but attaining fame with your blog is never something to be achieved overnight. Novice bloggers should understand that it takes very much sacrifice, commitment and last but not least, time to work a blog up to reach the “noticeable” standard.

Confessing honestly as a blogger myself, I started blogging out of nothing but fun. I wanted to share my life, my thoughts and perspective, my passion in fashion with my readers. I never thought of smithing my blog into a money-making tool, or a shortcut to gain fame. Today, I’m a part-time blogger and the aforesaid reasons are never my objectives of starting a blog.

Beginner bloggers always find it hard to keep blogging as their habit because they feel that their unappreciated effort will always be in vain. Some beginners might just give up within weeks of creating their “new” blog. 

Some of them always complained "I always update my blog but it seemed that I did not get any new followers". But do you actually know that titanic bloggers such as Xiaxue, Cheesie and Fourfeetnine have accumulated at least 10 years of hard work in blogging before they can be who they are today?

Well, all I can say is, KEEP UP YOUR HARD WORK! Eventually, there will be people who take interest in you and appreciate your effort! :D 

Here's an old, catchy phrase for everyone to think over- Just be yourself! There will be people who love you for who you are. 

To sum things up, here's a quote by a shining star: 

“Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are.” 
― Lady Gaga


  1. If only there was a like button for a blogpost! This pretty much changed my mindset about blogging, i love how you share genuine thoughts in your blogs! :) x

  2. This is such a great advice to all those beginners out there . I have a friend who just started bloggin but she expect to be famous within that month .i told her it would take years of hardwork and it doesnt come easy . So ur message to them works too to advice them it wasnt that easy but nver give up and it will eventually turn out to what they want ..you are my age and i look up to u as one of those bloggers who influence people to blog hah

  3. glad for u that your effort is now more 'noticeable ' ardy XD
    really salutes to u all who able to update constantly aww so nice hehe ! and keep it on :) like your spirit in bloggging <3

  4. Jessica!This blog post teach me a lot. I am learning from you!;)