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#livelifeamplified with Maybank


What's up bunnies!! How has life been for every one of you? Have you heard of the call yet?

Huh? What call? For what? From who?

If I am to ask you to relate yellow background and a black tiger......what comes onto your mind? YES, Maybank! *high 5 if you got me hehe* Yeap, Maybank is inviting you to #LiveLifeAmplified!

What's #LiveLifeAmplified?

#LiveLifeAmplified is actually a rally call from Maybank which reaches out to all consumers out there, helping them to live their life to the fullest. Maybank has seen enough the tough life that everyone is stuck in: making ends meet, frowning over bills, being intimidated by price tags... But good news is, #LiveLifeAmplified is here to help you out of your misery!!

Well, to #LiveLifeAmplified isn't about the current life that a majority of us are living, that is, having to depend on coupons and vouchers (which often come so scarcely), keeping a long diary of your purchases (where endless guilt spawns) or counting your accumulation of "reward points" (which never seem to be enough to redeem anything valuable). Instead, it is all about having the time to enjoy life and get the most out of it.

Have you ever thought of going on a trip to Japan? Have you ever thought of enjoying your meals in fine-dining restaurants as long as you're in the mood for it? Have you ever thought of going on a shopping streak because a whim tells you to?

Or, have you ever thought of having the ability to do all of the above and still have no problems with catering to the domestic necessities, whereby petrols, bills and groceries give you nothing to worry about? Isn't that how life is supposed to be?

Heads up, #LiveLifeAmplified is here to help you get the max out of your life.

Do you know that to #LiveLifeAmplified actually isn't a difficult thing at all? In conjunction with the launch of the #LiveLifeAmplified campaign, Maybank created a game which helps you EARN! What's even better, it's really easy to play. You only have to get your friends to sign up for the M2C in reference to you, and that's it! Now isn't that too easy? If you're lucky enough to win the #LiveLifeAmplified challenge, well you'll be rewarded enough to literally #LiveLifeAmplified!! Otherwise, you're not losing out in anything but instead, you still get to enjoy the other rewards and benefits that comes along with the card you signed up for. What's even better, you get to pick your rewards, now isn't that cool?!! It's time to say goodbye to all the woeful moments of life!

Check out their Facebook app and begin your journey of living life amplified!! Fear not, simple steps will guide you along the process! :D

Tell Maybank what could help amplify your life, then spread the love of Maybank 2 Cards with all your friends and family!

The more people you refer, the more points you earn. By joining, you stand a chance to win a weekly prize of RM100 and if you're lucky enough, a prize of RM10,000 awaits you, so you can literally #LiveLifeAmplified!

I always wanted an amplified life for myself. I always dreamed of shopping without budgets, and more importantly, have not a single problem covering up my daily needs! (which includes petrol, toll fee, course tuition fees, and a majority of food LOL). This is an absolutely perfect chance for me to #LifeLifeAmplified and finally live up to my dreams!

Oh, and people always say "sharing is caring", don't they? Spread the good news and let us all get rewarded together! There is completely nothing to lose and you are only in for rewards, benefits, and MORE rewards and benefits!! The question isn't about why should you join, but "Why not?"

Hmm. I've been mentioning about benefits but I haven't really tell you any, have I?

  • The benefits of two cards, Maybank 2 American Express Card and Maybank 2 MasterCard, in one sign up, one service tax, and one statement.
(no more troublesome registrations, stacking statements, no fuss!)
  • 5x TreatsPoints* for local & overseas expenditure on your Maybank 2 American Express Card except at government bodies, education institutions and insurance provider. 
(even for overseas! yay to travelers!)
  • 2x TreatsPoints* for every RM1 spent on your Maybank 2 American Express Card at government bodies, education institutions and insurance provider.
(in simpler words, treats points can come from everywhere!)
  • 5% weekend cashback on amount spent on Maybank 2 American Express Card**
(omg who doesn't appreciate cashback?)
  • Lifetime fee waiver for complimentary supplementary cards
(no need to pay a sum just to renew your membership!)
  • Finance charge as low as 8.88% per annum (lucky number hehe!)
  • EzyPay 0% installment
(AWESOME. No frowns over extra installment charges!)
  • Travel Insurance Protection - charge your travel fares to the card to enjoy a complimentary Accidental Death and Disablement coverage of up to RM1,000,000 as well as Travel Inconvenience coverage for missed connections, luggage delay and luggage loss.***
(who would say no to additional insurance?)
  • Retail Protection - purchase protection of up to RM15,000 per item and up to RM100,000 per card account per calendar year. Return guarantee exchange or refund of up to 90 days.**** Extended warranty of up to RM15,000 per item.*****
(always feels good to feel safe!)
  • Complimentary golf at world-class golf courses around Malaysia and other countries!!******
(omg is there any golf lover out there? Here's a BIG something!)
  • and MORE...
Important notes:
-You need to have a minimum income of RM30,000 for Maybank 2 Gold Card, and RM60,000 for Maybank 2 Platinum Card.
-*TreatPoints terms and conditions here
-**a cap of RM50 per customer (principal card member) per month. Cashback terms and conditions here
-***Travel Insurance Protection terms and conditions here
-****Maximum RM1,500 per item on purchase price, up to a maximum of RM6,000  per card per account  per calendar year.
-*****Up to RM48,000 per card per account per calendar year.
-******Terms and conditions here, and FAQ here
-For more exact information on the perks that you're in for, do check out their Facebook page or head down to a Maybank branch near you!

Phew. Finally done with the looooong list of the benefits you can enjoy! So dear bunnies, here's a chance for you to #LiveLifeAmplified!! It's about time to save from the unnecessary and dispose the 10 other cards which does nothing other than filling up the spaces of your wallet. Of course, I'm surely going to get myself one. A better life, here I come!

P.S: Once you joined, don't forget to keep track of your progress and the links that help you WIN!

Thanks for your time bunnies!! See you in the next one 

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