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Maxis 4G Bloggers Blaze Challenge

Hi bunnies!!! I was invited to the Maxis 4G Bloggers Blaze Challenge last Sunday and it was crazily amazing!! I can't wait to share with you guys the tough yet enjoyable challenges which all the participants were put through that exciting day. Make sure you read this blog entry from the BEGINNING until the very END of it so that you won't miss out any interesting parts. :P

This time around, Maxis collaborated with Nuffnang and 30 bloggers were cordially invited to join in the fun! I was pretty excited when I received the invitation from Nuffnang. Before the very day, I wasn't informed of the challenges I was in for but it was stated that it would be a competition pretty much like The Amazing Race!!

All bloggers were required to reach our designated rendezvous - eCurve as early as 8.30am that morning. I woke up pretty early to meet Povy at her place so that we can carpool to the venue (doing my part in going green hehe! :P) I thought we were running late as we hit the roads at 8.10am but surprisingly, we managed to reach on time!! Thanks to the smooth traffic early in the morning hohoho.

I didn't know that we have already been allocated into groups: which means we can't choose who we want to team up with. So I was attached to TEAM PUMA!!

A group shot with all the lovely bloggers!! 

With Bobo who reached super early but sadly, we were not in the same team! :(

Ben from FlyFM was the emcee for our event! After having a light refreshment, we gathered at eCurve's open compound for a short briefing.

Say hello to my teammates!! From the left: Cik Epal, Chenelle, yours truly and Joshua! We appointed Joshua as our team leader! 

Bloggers paying close attention to the rules and regulations of the competition being announced. And guess what? The first two teams that complete all the challenges will walk away with fantastic prizes, which include Samsung Galaxy Note 3, iPad Air and Maxis 4G's portable wifi modem!! Note that the prize is not shared among the team: EACH AND EVERY MEMBER in the team will be rewarded with a set of the prizes!!

Upon announcement of the attractive prizes, everyone started cheering in excitement! Everyone wants to win but there can only be two winning teams. WHO WILL BE THE WINNER?
Keep reading!!! 

As a trusty equipment, each team is given a mobile device which already has Maxis 4G LTE network installed. We were instructed to fully utilize the mobile device given for GPS, sending important messages through Whatsapp, scanning the QR codes and exercise any of its ability to aid us in our quest!

Before the real challenges hit us, here's a little warm up exercise for everyone! Can you see all the balloons behind the emcee? (To be honest I'm sure you can HAHA) There were actually QR Codes printed on each of the balloons.

What we had to do was to seek for the balloon which has the compatible QR code with the mobile device's scanner, and of course, SCAN IT!

The challenging part was, there was only 20 seconds allocated for each team member. As soon as 20 seconds ticked by, the player must exit the quarantine area and pass the mobile device to the next teammate. The cycle repeats itself until the team finds the right QR code, which allows them to proceed to the next mission!

My team's effort to search for the right QR code costed quite some time!! To me, luck plays a big part in this game!! If you are lucky enough, you might just hit the right QR code within a few trials.

Anyway, did I mention that each team is provided with a CAR????

I mean, there are even vehicles provided for each team so that we can travel between several places to accomplish our Mission Impossible. ISN'T THAT COOL!!!

Upon finding the right QR code, the team will be given the car keys and the greenlight to drive to their destination according to the messages scanned from the code. Well...my team was not the first to get the car keys hahaha.

Joshua was the one driving. I actually had ample time to take selfies and other pictures in the car while we were on the way to our destination hahaha!! By the way, we also get to enjoy some energy bars and 100 Plus considerately prepared by the organizer. It felt so heartwarming to be a part of an event hosted by a good organiser: they saw it coming that we will all be deprived of energy while going through our missions.  

At this point of time, we get to compare the REAL SPEEDY Maxis 4G LTE with the normal 3G network by putting Waze into experiment. It was obvious that the Maxis 4G LTE network was way faster than the normal 3G network!!!! Simply amazing!!! 

Welcome to MAD MONKEYZ. Take a good look at the equipment and attires hung around and make a smart guess of what challenge we had to accept :P 

Yup, IT'S ROCK CLIMBING! For those who guessed it right, congratulations! (no prize for you heh :p)

I was drowning in immense panic when I knew all of us in the team had to accept the challenge. Only to make it worse, I have never experienced rock climbing before! I was completely stunned when I saw members from other teams fall down from the wall of rocks, screaming for help! IT WAS DAMN SCARY LOR.

Well, each team was divided into pairs, and each pair had to complete the entire course by capturing the flag on the highest part of the block: all within 6 minutes. Cik Epal did it as if everything was so easy and she succeeded in capturing the flag!

However, the mission did not end just yet: the consequent pair of the team had to return the flag in order to accomplish the mission as a whole... 

Mad monkey? No, more like a stupid monkey learning how to climb lolol.

Anyway, let me share my experience with you guys!

Rock climbing was super tough, exhausting and challenging!! It requires not only dams of stamina pool but perseverance as well. I was so afraid that I might slip as I ventured higher and higher. But I told myself to hold on to the rocks tightly and take every single step slowly, but surely.

Unfortunately, I was unable to cling firmly onto the rock when I was supposed to move over to the other wall. I was supposed "swing" myself over to the next block, like monkeys do but... I FAILED. T___T I fell down hard onto the cushion below the walls. *poom* I am really weak when it comes to sports. But anyway, it was a such a good experience. Etched so deeply in my mind, this memory will surely abide for the rest of my life.

Sadly, we did not manage to complete this mission within the time limit. :(


Leaving Mad Monkeyz, Joshua drove us to Sunway Lagoon forthwith. So what's next?!


Well, we were required to download this game on the spot (where we were briefed of our mission) and complete it. Without a doubt, the superb awesome Maxis 4G LTE network made the download seamlessly speedy, and within blinks we're already "vrooming" about in the game!

 My team loves to selca hahaha!!

Yay! We are here at Sunway Lagoon woohoo!! Omg can you believe that it has been around 13 years since I last stepped into the gates of Sunway Lagoon?!!! (I am serious with the 13 years lol no joke!)


The weather was abominable!! 

Third mission of all - GO KART RACING


While waiting for our turn..

For this mission, we were divided into two pairs again. However, the goal is simple and straightforward: Complete 3 laps as fast as possible. Certainly, the team which completes the mission lapsing the shortest time wins!

 I passed the buck to Chenelle and she took the wheel, since she had few years of driving experience hahaa!! 

After Go Kart, it's Nom Nom time and we spent our cash vouchers on Burger King! 


Bumped into Ashley from another team haha!! 

It's time to get dirty and messy.....but how?! Reluctantly, we left Sunway Lagoon and drove back to The Curve for our last mission!

Now tell me, what's the most possible way to get dirty and messy?


Getting dunk into a pool of mud?



It's The Watermelon Challenge!! 

So this challenge is all about eating watermelon? um, no no! It's not that simple!!!

Participants had to finish the watermelon in every possible way without using hands and only to make it exciting, the team which takes the least time to complete the mission wins!



 My team Puma is always ignited with high spirits! Gotta love them!

Feast on the watermelon; like a beast!! 

I heard that a member from the other team smashed his entire head on the watermelon lolol! Now that is what I call COURAGE haha!!

After our last mission, here comes the probably most anticipated moment of the entire day - the prize-giving ceremony! Which team will be crowned the champion? Which team will be taking home all the fabulous prizes?!!

The prize giving ceremony was held in the Laundry Bar! 

Congratulations to TEAM LEOPARD for winning one of the grand prizes!! I'm so jealous that each of them got an iPad Air and a Maxis 4G portable wifi modem!!! 

And the grand prize goes to TEAM STALLION!! Actually I had an intuition that they would be the winner from the beginning of the competition because all of the team members seemed to be of good sport: they look so out-going! Congratulations Team Stallion, you guys have done a great job! 


Well, although my team did not win any prizes, I feel very happy and satisfied for a day well spent. The missions were really interesting and the challenges were literally challenging! I always feel great basking in the opportunity to make new friends in the blogosphere and what's even better, we get to have lots of fun together! It was definitely a memorable day. Learnt so much stuff in a day and I really had so much fun! :P

Once again, I must thank Nuffnang and Maxis for putting pieces of this event into a complete picture that tells nothing but success. I feel genuinely honored to be a part of this amazing event!

Looking forward to more thrills and fun times! End-of-year holidays are coming hehehe~
Till next post, see you bunnies!!! 

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