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My dad, my hero

Hey bunnies! Today I'm gonna blog a little about my dad. Why?

Many of you must be wondering, why did I always mention and post pictures only of my mum on my blog but never my dad's. It's definitely NOT that I don't have a daddy wtf. Anyway, I love my dad but he is a bit busy with his work and stuffs so I rarely get any chance to even sit down and have a little talk with him.

My dad is a very loving and doting father. Contrary to the stereotyped dads who are usually walking epitomes of strictness and seriousness, my dad is very much not the mainstream kind! But on the other hand while everyone presumes that mums are more loving and kind, my mum... hahaha it's funny that the common family structure everyone would expect, doesn't apply for my family!

I remember that during my adolescence, daddy always protected me from being scolded by my mum whenever I came home with poor results. Very often, my father would act as the middle-man to calm both my mum and me down whenever we would rain mortars and napalms at each other under the roof. My dad doesn't reprimand both my brother and I often; but when he does, he would make sure that the lecture he gave us would etch forever in our heart. It's understandable, dad only wants us to truly learn from our mistakes and, of course, never repeat the same mistakes.

My father never holds back from expressing his genuine generosity. He never, ever lets us starve. Every time we eat out, he would always ask me what I want for dinner: already proving that he isn't that type of dad who wants to be in-charge of everything! When I was young and little, he would take all the effort to cater to all my whims. You know, a Barbie Doll house and all kind of plush toys are always the girls' favourite. However, the quickly advancing technology often tugs our desire further beyond our reach. My father got me a Sony Ericsson phone for me when I was 12. It was a reward of getting excellent results in UPSR haha! I was super elated because my friends will be so jealous of my new phone and I enjoyed myself so much in the glorious days back then. A few years later, my father rewarded me with a BlackBerry mobile phone when I scored straight A's in PMR. I remember I jumped in jubilance when I got my BlackBerry phone because it was the first smartphone I ever possessed! And, BlackBerry was like the COOLEST smartphone ever a few years back. It was a must-have thing among all the cool kids in school lolol. It's sad that BlackBerry already isn't a "cool thing" anymore these days. In order to make me happy again, my father bought me an iPhone 4S, also as a reward of scoring full A's in SPM last year! What's more, my father got it for me the second day iPhone 4S was officially launched. Again, I felt a sense of pride when all my friends expressed how jealous they are.

I know, it's wrong to dwell on the happiness that thrives on the jealousy of the rest. It's clearly the enjoyment of a spoiled brat. All I wanted to express is how my dad would literally treat me like a princess. Those are the times when I was young, and "being one of the cool kids" and owning the latest smartphone no longer mean anything much to me anymore now. I'm no longer the old me but nonetheless, thanks dad.

But recently, our relationship has slightly fallen apart. :(

I can feel that there's a gap between us and we seldom talk to each other nowadays. He would go to work at 10am and come home around 8pm. I don't know exactly why, but it seems pretty hard for me to start a conversation with him. As I grew older and start earning money by myself, my dad never really bother to buy me gifts anymore - No I am not complaining: if he would offer to buy me presents, I would say "No" to it but I will feel really happy already - it's just a comparison on how he had changed from his old self. I have always told myself that it was his intention that he wanted me to grow up independently and be responsible in making expenditures. It is also all thanks to this that I have also realised how hard it is to earn, and also how important it is to only spend on only the necessities.

Whenever dad and I are free, we would spend our time in doing our own stuffs. It has already become a routine for my dad to watch football matches or TVB dramas when he come home. And me? I would be busy burying my face in my smartphone or my laptop.

It is safe to say that our conversation has never exceeded 5 lines each day. Usually, he would wake me up every morning to take me out for breakfast. During breakfast, he would ask me how's my school but sometimes he doesn't, and it somehow saddens me a little... Well maybe he believes that I will always do fine anyway.

My parents have once told me that they are proud of me, for everything I have done. :')

They said I would always make them proud, by scoring good grades, by setting high examples for my younger brother and by earning money myself in such a young age. I know, they are always proud of me and certainly, I will never let them down.

But I never had the chance to tell my dad that I'm proud of him, too. I never had the chance to tell him that he has always been my hero and the most trustable and respectable man in my life. I have so much to tell him yet I didn't know where and how I should start.

It feels bitter that the bond between us has eventually stretched apart..and please guide me on how I could strengthen it again? Mummy and I have always wanted for a family day out or vacation (with dad of course!) but he just couldn't afford to leave his job. He never gave himself a break and yes, he works day and night, every single day of the week. Even the sole thought of the torturous working duration is already enough to drive me mad and delirious.

His hard work, thank goodness, did not go unrequited. Just a few weeks ago, he has revealed his secret project with us, which is to publish his FIRST stamps catalogue ever! We were all so happy and proud of him because his dream has finally come true after so many years of planning and hard work. Congratulations papa!

Here are some sneak peeks of his very first catalogue:



Here's the answer to you if you have been wondering what my dad works as.

If you love collecting stamps, antiques and banknotes, then you should definitely visit my dad's shop in Sungei Wang Plaza. His shop boasts a vast collection of exquisite collectibles and basically, you can find ANYTHING (that which is related to what he sells, of course) in his shop haha!! And also, if you are interested to get a complete Catalogue of Stamps for yourself, your papa, your grandpa, your friends or whoever who enjoys collecting stamps, feel free to Email Me!
Retail price: RM40 (including Poslaju postage)

I know my dad sometimes reads my blog. So daddy, if you are reading this, I just want you to know that...

I'm always proud to have a daddy like you. Words can't describe how appreciative I am for everything you have done to me and the family. You are forever the hero in our hearts. I love you

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  1. I remember dropping a comment but it wasn't posted :( Anyway, this post really spoke to me as I've been a silent reader for quite some time. I really love this post and it's my favorite from you. I love my dad too and we joke around this reminded me a lot about him who never has a day off. Anyway, hope your family get to take a family vacation soon :D