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My Everyday Makeup Routine

Hello there! Let me start off this post with a question for all of you: "When was your first time putting on makeup?"

Many people started applying makeup when they are still studying in high school. As for me, the interest of wearing makeup got to me when I was...sixteen or seventeen, I guess? I only started wearing coloured contact lenses when I was seventeen haha! Well, maybe for some other girls, they already started to dress up nicely and wear makeup since they were younger!

The person who inspired me to apply makeup is undoubtedly my mum. She is the one who started teaching me what are the functions of each cosmetic and she always guided me when I first started wearing makeup. Back then, I always asked her: "Mum, why do girls need makeup? I think makeup is the vain girls' thing." LOL! Then my mum would explain to me how the magic of makeup can make a person look presentable and confident, and some reasons girls have to wear makeup in certain occasions. Thanks mum, now your efforts created a vainest girl in the world ahahahaha!

Anyway, my everyday makeup routine is very simple! So today I'm gonna share my favourite makeup products and my basic makeup routine with all of you. (This is not a makeup tutorial ah, just a simple sharing of my experience) ^_^

Of course I don't put on any makeup at home!! Anyway, before you start applying any makeup base/foundation, remember to apply moisturizer because it is the key to keep your skin hydrated and fresh!! :D

These are the products I used for my daily makeup routine. Yeah, only 5 items lolol.

1) Apply foundation

I'm using Stylenanda 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation (Natural Ivory) Honestly, I don't usually like applying foundation because some of the foundations I own are slightly thick in texture. And people say foundation will actually (as a side effect) make us appear older!!

 However, I LOVE THIS FOUNDATION FROM 3CE!!!! As you can see from the picture, it has a high water content and is really moist! Usage of this foundation will, in days to come, help you to get a healthy and glowing skin effortlessly. Nonetheless, due to its less-concentrated contents, it couldn't cover up pores, blemishes and your flaws to the perfectly definite extent. 

The bottle of foundation comes with a dropper, making it super easy and convenient to use!

2) Apply concealer 

Here, I am using Benefit's Fake Up Concealer to conceal my dark circles and redness on my face. It is a very hydrating concealer and it doesn't add creases below your eyes. If you are searching for a dilute-inclining and hydrating concealer, this is a good pick. However, this concealer has its limits: if your dark circles are really, really heavy, perhaps nothing would help other than sleeping earlier :p

Here's my appearance after applying foundation and concealer!! Next, I would need to add some "colours" on my face!

3) Apply Lip Tint and Blusher 

Haven't seen this product eh? It is actually a new product from Yadah which will be launched during December. But thank you Yadah for giving me the privilege to try them first hand before the product launch!!

The Sweet Milky Tint comes with two different colours, which are Sweet Cherry and Sweet Pinky. 

These bottles of amazing milky tints serve TWO functions: To act as a lip tint & a blusher!!
They are 100% FREE from artificial colouring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphate and animal extract. In simpler words, less scary chemicals hohoho!

Apply a suitable amount on your cheeks. For a cuter look, apply it right on the apple of your cheeks. For a more V-shaped face, apply it over the skin of the cheekbones region.

HAHAHAH DO I LOOK CUTE?! Btw, I am using the Sweet Milky Tint in Sweet Cherry as my blusher here! :D

Gently spread it throughout the cheeks~~

For lips, I used the lighter shade of pink which is the Sweet Milky Tint in Sweet Pink! Of course, if you would like to have a more obvious color on your lips, apply Sweet Cherry!

To give my eyes an instant "boost", I have all my faith on the Bloom Mascara from Yadah!! :D

This Bloom Mascara gives a superior volume to your eyelashes! The best part of it is that it is water-resistant! So, you can even wear them to the beach!! :P

TIP: Pull out the wand in one motion, as pumping introduces air to the tube and this can lead to drying out.

I applied thin coats of mascara on both my upper and lower eye lashes. How's it? :D



4) Apply highlighter (sometimes I might skip this step if I am in a hurry HAHA)

Ever wondered why do Korean celebrities always have a "glowing" face? That's because the features of their face are enchanted by wizardly highlighters!!

Glam up your face with the 3CE Shimmer Stick to add a soft glow on your face! :D

Apply the shimmer stick on your T-zone and C-zone to highlight your face features! :)

Can you now see the glow on my cheeks? :P

OK, DONE!!!! Told you my makeup routine is super easy and fast hahahah!!

Where can you get the products I am using? 
CIMG0350 All the products above will be available starting from December 2013 at selected Sasa outlets in conjunction with Christmas! On the other hand, you may purchase them online at websites such as www.zalora.com.my, www.hermo.my and www.mivva.com 

All the 3CE products I own are from CHERRYBUNNYY! It is an online shop which sells 100% authentic 3CE products all the away from Korea!! 

Well, I guess that's the end of this blog entry! Thank you for reading and don't forget to leave me a comment to tell me that you like my makeup lolol. JUST KIDDING, feel free to tell me about your opinions!!! :D


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  2. Hi Jessica :D can i know what color of shimmer stick are u using? ^-^

  3. Jesslyn: Hello! I think it is pink!